Dvd to Ipod Converter

Seeing as I got gibbed by having to pay for a download I thought was going to be free from a site I registered on, I'm going to put their software up on here for a few days so that anyone who wants it can get their value for money (well, my moneys value) for it.

I have scanned it and run it without problems. If you don't feel confident downloading a .exe file, then don't. But I have checked it and its fine, trust me, I wouldn't want a FWA happening here.

Heres the software:
Cucosoft DVD to Ipod Converter Software v 3.21

In other words, it allows you to convert your dvd's to your ipod. (if you have one)

Hope someone can get some use out of it. Normally retails at $42 Aus.


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Fri, 2006-05-19 14:00

Good job Ads. Add it to my bill!!