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 Hi guys I know rays are a pest when chasing fish such as mulloway in the swan but since I am only 13 and I am not aloud to stay up all night I may as well target something easier and that hangs around all day which is the eagle ray. I have caught them previously and I just love there long powerful runs and which is why I recently bough a daiwa bg 8000 with 600m of 65lb braid to reel them in quicker. So just need a few tips such as what is the best bait, what rig should I use, what is the best time of day, best time of year, do tides matter and most importantly where are good spots in the swan river. Cheers.

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Hi mate firstly - staying up

Fri, 2019-02-08 08:54

Hi mate
firstly - staying up all night is not all its cracked up to be - so thumbs up to your parents :)

On to the fishing - I have done a lot of travelling up and down the Swan over the years and the place I see rays the most is on the sand flats at the point near Russel Brown adventure park mosman park. The closest parking spot would be at the end of Stone St Mosman Park near the mosman park tennis club (google it)

I have seen them cruising across these flats with an incoming and outgoing tide - whether they are passing through to go somewhere else or using it as a hunting ground I don't know. They are likely to be most visible here as the water is mainly salt and they are easier to see over the sand

There are often guys flyfishing in this area so it obviously produces other fish as well - in terms of bait - rays eat pretty much anything but I would get something that stays on the hook as the river has its share of blowies which would make short work of a mulie
good luck and stick at it :-)