Swan River Mullet

 Hi guys I have recently got into bull shark fishing and have found the best bait is mullet getting runs or bitten off by them however it is just store bought mullet and I figured I would get more runs on fresh mullet as fresh for most probably all fish is best. So since I have never targetted mullet before where are the best spots for them. I am only 13 so have to ride and I live around canning bridge but am willing to ride far if there are lots of mullet. Cheers.

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 none left , they got eaten

Thu, 2019-02-07 20:19

 none left , they got eaten by the bull sharks and there is none of them left as they all got eaten by the bunyips


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 Use some pollard for berley

Fri, 2019-02-08 08:07

 Use some pollard for berley to hopefully bring them to you. Store bought bait is fine as usually good quality anyway. It's more important just to spend long hours actually with a bait in the water. If you put a big bait out everytime you go fishing in all sorts of locations sooner or later you will get a big fish. Even as an experienced fisherman I spend long hours fishing. 8hrs is a short trip especially from the shore beach or river. From the shore beach or river it could possibly take 100-200 hours of fishing time to even get a run. Then again it might take five minutes if you fluke it. Make sure you have a gaff or landing net for when it does happen and make sure it is long enough to reach the water from where you are fishing. Make sure it is is easy to reach once you are hooked up so don't leave it too far away. Keep it right next to your rods on the shore. In both the Canning and Swan Rivers Mulloway and Bullsharks go a long way up river. In the summer months the Mulloway go upstream further than winter but the Bullsharks are always a possibility. Don't forget to leave your drag loose on your reel everytime you set it out and make sure it is firmly in a rod holder or wedged into something preferably otherwise it could get pulled in. Good luck.

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 Actually  the best bait in

Fri, 2019-02-08 08:24

 Actually  the best bait in the river would be mulies for what you are trying to catch. This gives you the chance to get anything from tailor in summer to big bream,  Mulloway and sharks.The only  problem  with   mulies is if there is blowies around they get chewed up quicker. 

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fond est thig for mullet was

Fri, 2019-02-08 11:20

fond est thig for mullet was bread, and had more success with them fly fishing than anything else...



bloody bunyips....

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I see a few schools of mullet

Fri, 2019-02-08 12:22

I see a few schools of mullet just south of Canning Bridge when I walk along the river, towards the little Rookwood St jetty