Easter Salmon

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sounds like a great trip

Thu, 2010-04-15 21:44

sounds like a great trip with the salmon playing the game. cant believe that guy fishing off the rocks in the last pic, must be crazyTongue outLaughing. good to see its not as bad as it seems


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Great report

Thu, 2010-04-15 22:02

Not so sure about your judgement off the point in the last pic. That's why we have statistics for loss of life and money spent in both recovery and prevention. Surely there was a safer option?


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Theres always a safer

Thu, 2010-04-15 23:30

Theres always a safer option.

But like i said at the time i assessed it was safe for me. And like i said the pic does make it look alot worse than it actually was. The white water you can see infront of me is actually spray going straight up and not at all getting to me. The big rock that was in front of me defelected the waves to wrap around to the right. It all comes down to assessing what's safe for you. I have fished this place many times before and after watching it from the lookout (from where the pic is taken) for 40mins and another 20 mins of observation down at the point and knowing that the tide, swell and wind were all dropping deemed it was safe enough to cast from. Only my feet would have been wet had i not fell in the rock pool.

Obviously this risk assessment doesnt negate the need to keep an eye on the ocean at all times. Hence my second set of eyes on the rocks a bit behind me.

In the end it all come down to what the individual fisher takes into consideration when fishing, boat or land.

I had a couple of friends laugh at me when we were night fishing off the cliffs south of Kalbarri. I used a safety harness to an anchor point with a legth of rope which didnt allow me to get within 2m of the rock edge. Also had my EPIRB, waterproof torch and glowsticks attached to a PFD, just incase someone was to fall in. Of course one of my friends thought we were going overboard with the safety as he had fished Steep Point many times before and declined to use any form of tying off to the anchor point and chuckled at my PFD. Obviously no one fell in and in the end its his life his choice, but if he did fall in i bet he would have been glad we had some form of telling the outside world he had gone in with the EPIRB as it was sheer cliffs for many km's north and south with no mobile reception.

So as i said what may seem to some as being stupid or crazy to others it may seem quiet normal. As i am sure most fishermen would have been in situations where normal civllian onlookers would have thought 'that guy is crazy', but to them it was normal. Just like the North Mole snapper fisherman fishing during the winter storms. Non-fishing people would probably see that as dangerous. But to the fishing community its just a yearly event.

But yes i do agree with you that there is always a safer option in anything you do, but hey cant be wrapped in cotton you whole life.

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Top report and pics there Buz

Fri, 2010-04-16 05:46

And it was great to run into you down there. It sounds like you guys had a great time chasing the salmon.


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Great Photo's!!

Fri, 2010-04-16 09:17

I was there that morning. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got down to the beach with my dog and young nephew. A big school of salmon only meters off a perfectly flat and safe beach, and at the time only one other person fishing. We had a ball.

Looking at your photos I recognized the rod that your girlriend is holding. I was standing next to you for a while...in between the salmon dragging us up and down the beach. You even offered if my nephew wanted to have a go with your rod...but as he is about 3 foot tall, and 10 kilos wringing wet, we decided against the idea!!

And I agree with you how fantastic everyone was that morning. I wasn't exactly prepared as I was only really going for a walk (had the rod just in case!!). People lent me pliers, knifes. One guy even gave me a lure when I busted off. Great stuff.

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Haha i remember you West

Fri, 2010-04-16 18:27

Haha i remember you West Coast. You had that little rod right? Yeah awesome morning. Was awesome watching you and the young fella getting them on that little spinning combo. Have you replaced the lures you lost yet? I managed to lose a couple over the weekend too, might wait till next salmon season to replace them........ Or i cam just tell the girlfriend i am only going to have a 'look' at some new lures hahahaha!

Nice to meet you anyway mate and great that you had a ball too!

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Fri, 2010-04-16 10:40

Love that long distance jump shot from the middle of the school, thats awesome.


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Great to hear that people

Fri, 2010-04-16 15:48

Great to hear that people were so helpfull and considerate around there! the spot i fish is pretty good we all help each other out as much as possible but seems to be rare these days.

good work on the fish, sounds like a great trip mate!

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Fri, 2010-04-16 19:58

I agree with Vince and Russ,not a good time to be fishing there.Its ok to say a wave is going to push you back in to the pool but what if the same wave knocks you out!! Goodbye Buzzy,its all over.No fish is worth it.

Love the lone salmon shot,found if they jump like that they are trying to toss a lure or hook that has broken off from an earlier encounter with an angler.