"Easter Travelling"- Just for a laugh-or maybe not.


 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)

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I don’t get people who travel

Sun, 2022-04-17 11:32

I don’t get people who travel on Easter weekend....it’s like woohoo a whole extra 48 hours off so let’s pack everything we own, 17 kids, the canoe, the bbq, pack enough food to feed the whole of a 3rd world nation for a month, the bikes, the dog, 18 fishing rods and Grandma in the 4 tonne LandCruiser we don’t know how to drive.... then we’ll leave early to beat the traffic, but 10 km's out of town no... every other numpty with a BCF membership got the same idea oh well never mind nothing like 9 hours in a traffic jam with screaming bored kids fighting over the DVD player and mashing half chewed lollies on the carpet while singing “Let it Go!” out of tune for the 19th time...
11.5 hours from home you’ve covered 43.6 kilometres and your cheese is about to slide off your cracker so you pull into a Service Centre packed with 9753 other equally mental fools, park sideways across 6 spots in the truck section because you know the Toyota runs on diesel so it’s a ‘truck ‘ isn’t it??
You all pile out of the big lorry ignoring the cold stares from the guy trying to park his 80 foot bdouble for a regulation break, send the kids to line up at Maccas for 57 minutes then still have no clue what they want by the time you reach the server.... it doesn’t matter what the stinking rugrats order anyway because 11 minutes later the wrappers are floating across the carpark, the soft serve is on the leather seats and the 9 year old has pickles in her hair and is screaming ‘you’re a poo poo head!” at the 7 year old who refuses to sit forwards or put his seat belt on....
25.8 hours after leaving home you reach the campsite a whole 103 km's away only to discover there’s no spots left within 17 kilometres of the beach or a toilet so you set up camp with the brown snakes nowhere near the neighbors who promised to hold a spot for you.....
You spend the next day and a half listening to half drunk Shazza’s yelling “JAYDEN!!! Stop hitting your brother!!” and mumbling to your mates around the campfire about ‘serenity’ and ‘the good life’....
9am Monday you’re thinking prison food can’t be that bad surely??? If I just bury them deep enough nobody will find them?? You say stuff this I’ll leave early and beat the traffic while visions of the 23 hour journey down here flash through your head.
So you pack the whole shebang back into the Pickle mobile along with the wet dog and sunburnt kids whining “weeeere hungreeeeeee!!!” , pull out onto the packed highway, find another Maccas to appease the brats. fill the ‘truck’ at $1.91 a litre and head home with the other 19.3 million nufftys thinking that a bbq at home and a sleep in would have been a good idea!!)


 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)

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Thank you, that put a smile on my face

Sun, 2022-04-17 11:51

And having just returned from Melbourne it is way way worse over there.   Woolies had the cheek to put the humble potato up in price to $6 a kilo.....bloody hell we were in Gippsland, Australia's potato growing capital.   we thought it would be a quick run to the airport.....first 80km was quick as, the next 30 took over two hours on a four lane so called motorway and NO courtesy in evidence.....just pure aggression.   Hell it is nice to be home 

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Too True

Thu, 2022-04-21 13:33

 Having lived in Vic I can attest to how bad the easter weekend is.

Camped up on the Murray less than 2 hours away on a normal day.

4 hours to get home.....on the Tuesday.

People on the highway cutting you off just to move 20 meters ahead of where they were.


The worst!

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Sun, 2022-04-17 18:34

The grinch . Funny

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 Less the 500 mtrs from the

Sun, 2022-04-17 18:51

 Less the 500 mtrs from the boat ramp,secret new fire pit with coals cooking good food and no kids.sorry for your loss.

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 Well done. I certainly don't

Sun, 2022-04-17 21:02

 Well done. I certainly don't miss the traffic up here . 


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Nice one

Mon, 2022-04-18 17:59

That's about spot on. Gave me a chuckle

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 Good for a laugh Moking! No

Thu, 2022-04-21 12:20

 Good for a laugh Moking! No such problems grabbing a mooring in Longreach and cracking a beer!

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I think Moking is giving more

Thu, 2022-04-21 14:49

I think Moking is giving more of a personal account of his holidays than a run down on what he actually thinks is happening.  

Except he tries to pack everything into a Mini Moke lol