Engine upgrade opinions wanted

 Ok so this has been mulling around in my head whether it's worth doing yet or to hold on. So I have a DF90 2006 Suzuki on my Quinnie. she's done around 600hrs max and I know can do a lot more but age is certainly becoming a factor. She's been well serviced and looked after flushing etc. 

So I've been thinking of trading in for a new donk, worth the effort or not?

Estimate from West Coat marine $17200k and a trade in of $4k for my motor. 


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 If you don't have any probs

Tue, 2021-03-09 12:39

 If you don't have any probs with current motor and always serviced why change. Have heard of them motors doing in excess of 1000 hours. 

The old saying . If it ain't broke don't fix it  comes to mind 


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600 HOURS...??

Tue, 2021-03-09 12:43


must be nearly run in..............

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Tue, 2021-03-09 12:57


Are you looking to increase the power or thinking staying at 90HP?

I would thing that if staying with same HP why change if there are no issues with your current outboard.

The only plus would be warranty with a new motor, however can still have issues which cost you time which in the end does cost money indirectly.



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those donks were known for

Tue, 2021-03-09 12:59

those donks were known for goin like duracells (old duracell -new ones leak after 3 months)

 so whats wrong with it- is it becoming unreliable?

if not $14k is a lot of fuel and a fkload of trips up north

the commercial blokes in usa on the big lakes used to put 10k hrs on em

then trade em to rec blokes



me think thay arse r itchin 4 no reason- save the money- use it for fuel going out 

say tx sharki  - btw  u owe me  a day out now - just saved u 14k

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 I can understand your

Tue, 2021-03-09 13:15

 I can understand your thoughts there getting towed in where you fish would be pretty tricky to get the boat to shore some days. Doesn't sound like the trade in price is going to change if your motor was abit older though, as everyone else has stated people get plenty of hours out of those motors, so I haven't helped you at all I don't think Andy. 


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I would keep motor

Tue, 2021-03-09 13:24

You have. If been serviced regularly ( no dought it has) mine up to 3000 hrs. Just throwing money away

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 Cheers for the replies, like

Tue, 2021-03-09 13:25

 Cheers for the replies, like I say it was just floating around in my head. Wish I could write it off on tax then it would already be getting changed over lol. The only problem I had was that farken steel plug they put in for the O2 sensor or whatever it was rusted out and was a prick to get sorted, but otherwise she's a good donk.


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Even if you did

Tue, 2021-03-09 13:37

Up grade . Sell motor privately you would get more money and only have to pay for fit up ( save there also)

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17k sounds way too high for a

Tue, 2021-03-09 14:08

17k sounds way too high for a 90HP...

I had a quote from WCS for 140's @ 19k each fitted.

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 That included removal, new

Tue, 2021-03-09 14:25

 That included removal, new dash , fitting etc.

Maybe they're adding Covid tax


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 definately covid tax being

Tue, 2021-03-09 16:09

 definately covid tax being added. ive got a price for a new 200HP mercury and supplied and fitted $27k with the new dash, and i reckon they got covid tax on that. 


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Keep it

Tue, 2021-03-09 21:40

Many of years left in it.