Exmouth advice what to target

 So our time is up in Perth and heading back to broome via Exmouth after cyclone Joyce passes the weather for the whole state is amazing. 

Will be in Exmouth for a 3 night's and not sure what I should target I would love to get some prawns in the thrownet is that still possible this time of Year? 

How many miles are needed to travel to have a chance at dolphin fish?

Would like to launch places where not much off roading is needed and to get to the gulf is that possible  any advice or recent reports would be Great, 


Regards jm


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 No prawns around at the

Thu, 2018-01-11 15:17

 No prawns around at the moment and crabs are very far and few between. You can launch bay of rest beach launch depends how big your boat is. east track in just take your time.

Dolphin fish anywhere on the west side. There are a couple fads about that might hold them but just trolling around you might come across a couple.

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I launched my 5.4m Trailcraft

Sat, 2018-01-13 08:01

I launched my 5.4m Trailcraft easy at Learmonth jetty. Just head to the right of jetty up the beach a bit, there is a tyre to mark where to launch.


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