Exmouth King Reef

Hi All

Has anyone fished the new artificial reef in Exmouth yet?
I have viewed some footage from the Perth now website and it looks like cod and snapper are calling it home already
since being sunk in June. Reports I've heard say tuna and school mackerel are hanging around.
I'm heading up in a couple of weeks and will give it a try.

Tight lines all :)



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 hey mate,havent fished it

Sun, 2018-09-16 23:48

 hey mate,

havent fished it but a couple of my uni lecturers have recently done a couple of fish surveys on it, about 3 weeks ago 

they reported that not a lot of pelagics were seen, a couple of smaller tuna schools passing through (stripped tuna) 

they saw your normal gold spot cod and other grouper species as well as a couple of rankins and even red emperor, but i imagine that they would be juviniles 

they didnt say anything about black snapper but did see a couple of spangos in between the hard structure (out on the sand) 

when the water warms up a bit obviously the pelagic scene will increase 

hope this helps,


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Tue, 2018-09-18 19:06

 See how it fares against the spearo's, but may get some bait on it for inshore sailys.


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