Few dhuis

 Baits placcies  and a pb on jig.

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 been doing well with the

Tue, 2018-10-02 17:53

 been doing well with the bigguns. well done on all forms. now just to get one on the spear


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Tue, 2018-10-02 18:25

Nice joos, well done 


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Cracker Dhue's there....Nice

Tue, 2018-10-02 18:30

Cracker Dhue's there....Nice work

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 They seem to love those

Tue, 2018-10-02 19:52

 They seem to love those elevator heads.


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you have certainly got them dialed in

Tue, 2018-10-02 20:08

Well done on some great catches, in such trying sea conditions too. LOL

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 Solid fish bud nice hauls 

Tue, 2018-10-02 20:26

 Solid fish bud nice hauls 

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Wed, 2018-10-03 02:04


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Wed, 2018-10-03 06:38

 some real slobs there mate , lovely work .

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 Some good ones in that lot

Wed, 2018-10-03 14:48

 Some good ones in that lot well done man