A few Lemax rods suitable for the coming sambo season

With the sambo season kicking off in a month or two I thought it would be an appropriate time to put a post up on the range of Lemax rods jig rods available that would be suitable for the season.  If you click on the title of the relevant rod you'll be taken through to the rod's webpage on the Lemax website where you can find all the specs, a few more images of the rods etc.


Lemax SlimMax SW

The SlimMax is the top of the wazza for the Lemax line of rods and despite that the RRP for the heavier end rods are only around $500.  They come with Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji DPS / TCS reels seats depending on whether it's the spin or overhead rod and Fuji gimbles.  The rods are lightweight and very comfortable to fish with.  I started using the SlimMax last jigging season and took it up to the Monties last month as well and am constantly surprised how much power it dishes out.  Depending on whether you want to go lighter or heavier the most appropriate rods for the jigging season would be:

Spin / Overhead - 5'3" one-piece, PE8-10, max jig weight 600g.
Spin / Overhead - 6'3" two-piece, PE6-8, max jig weight 450g.

Lemax Stormfire

The Stormfire is a great looking, quality rod which is very well priced.  Just this year Lemax have brought it out in a PE5-8 model which going by the specs looks like it should be a rod fit for the job.  Unfortunately they're not due in till the end of this month so I can't provide hands on info so consider this a heads up and I'll update the post when they're in.  I've been told the RRP will be around the $230 mark which is a seriously good price (I reckon anyway Smile).

The Stormfires use Lemax' own custom silicon carbide guides and the rods have Fuji reel seats.  Only the spin model comes in the PE5-8.

Spin - 5'3" one-piece, PE5-8, max jig weight 380g.

Lemax Sea Ranger

The Sea Ranger is a solid glass rod which has only recently come out.  It offers a good entry-level jig rod that is available in both spin and overhead models.  The rods have Lemax's custom silicon carbide guides, heavy duty graphite gimble and graphite reel seat and a good length butt for that extra leverage.  RRP for these rods is around $230.

Spin / Overhead - 6'3" two-piece PE5-8, max jig weight 500g.

Lemax JigKing

The JigKing is another great looking entry-level jig rod.  The JigKing is also a solid glass rod so while it's a bit heavier than a graphite rod it offers more durability making it a great option for people only just getting into jigging.  The rods have got Lemax SiC guides, graphite reel seat and stainless steel gimbles and are cosmetically appealing with their coloured joints and gimbles.  RRP for the heavier models starts at $170.

Spin / Overhead - 6'3" two-piece, PE6-8, max jig weight 300g.
Overhead - 5'8" one-piece, PE6-8, max jig weight 350g.

Spin / Overhead - 5'5" one-piece, PE10+, max jig weight 500g.
Spin - 5'6" one-piece, PE10+, max jig weight 400g.

Lemax Firebull

The Firebull isn't in yet but I'm looking forward to checking them out because they're a sweet looking rod.  They have a graphite red blank and matching red aluminium gimble, Fuji reel seats and Lemax SiC guides, they've also got the longer butt.  I can tell you that the heaviest the rods come is PE5-6 and will retail for around $270.  I don’t have any info on lengths, max jig weights etc at the moment.  These should be in stores by the end of the month.

If you've got any questions on the rods flick me a PM, happy to answer any questions, clarify any info etc or of course you can always go in and heckle the Lemax stockist, the list of them is available --> here <--.