(filleting table)Double sink free to good home

Hi guys I picked up a couple of second hand double sinks yesterday for filleting tables I only need one so the other one is out on the verge free to good home I live in rockingham let me know if anyone wants it and I'll put it aside for u


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Just been fixing mine

Sun, 2011-09-11 18:22

My filleting table is a Marri slab that I scored for nothing about 15 yrs ago.  It is an offcut off the outside of a seasoned log that was milled by a hobbyist for furniture.  Even has a raised profile at the back edge to stop knives and fish sliding off.  Makde a great cleaning table because the fish tend not to slide on it, and it is easy on a knife. I mounted it on a 2 inch steel pipe post about 12 yrs ago and it has seen heaps of fish over it.  Only problem is, the support post was the favourite place for the dog to piss.  The post rusted off at ground level.  No rust below ground, or above where he pissed.  Pretty potent stuff dog piss!  So just been out this afternoon to weld up a new support post.  Back in action again. Happy days!