Fished coogee pier this morning

 Alright all , just thought id give the run down on my early morning attempts down coogie pier this morning. got there at about 4.30 and gave it a go on the bottom and little burley float with pieces of mullies and coral prawn as well as the sabiki rig when the sun eventually crept up .. but no luck.

I then added a burley cage to the bottom rig with some well presented peeled bits of prawn and caught what i thought was a whiting but it was more oval shaped than long and sleek , about the size and shape of my hand. So I thought id try my luck and chuck it on the other rod on 3 largish gang hooks .. about ten mins later the reel starts screaming as it headed towards the stinger nets and then as i tried to slow it down directly towards the shore before bedding down kinda under the jetty. Line which was 10k just broke away as i was trying to entice it back to open waters but does anyone have any idea from the way it shot to the shore what it could be ?

Anyway great run for someone who has caught nothing of worth in Australia all together and deffo gave me hope that with some heavier gear and more hours put it it wont be long before i can catch something worth while ,, anyway enjoy  your sundays everyone

Oh yer if anyone has any advice on how to handle when it goes off like that , when to let it run , when to try and push back etc be much appreciated cheers

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 It was probably a ray or a

Mon, 2015-07-20 08:40

 It was probably a ray or a banjo shark mate. Still good to get a bit of action though! 

I'm by no means an expert but as far as stopping them, best to be running 30lb+. Drag set to around 10lb, and just take your time. Leave it run when it wants to but as soon as you get the chance to turn it's head and gain some line back make it count.

I hooked a big ray down there a couple months back on 50lb braid and it took over 100m of line before I overdid it on the drag and line busted. 

You will enjoy the first couple but after that you would curse after your rod bends over and you realize its a ray. Good way to get used to fighting something with a bit of weight though so you know what to do when you hook that big mulloway.

Its not a bad spot down there at the right times. Just pick your times according to tides, moon phase and weather. Use good bait. Then hope luck is on your side and the fish turn up where you are! There is a saying that 10% of the fisho's catch 90% of the fish. If your constantly at spots with lots of people and no one is catching, your fishing with the 90% and need to try something different. 


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 sweet cheers for that mate,

Mon, 2015-07-20 11:32

 sweet cheers for that mate,  Yer was first time hooking anything that big so good fun. 

Just moved to Spearwood so gona give all the local spots a shot over the next few weeks..  Fingers crossed