fishing liecnces

hey all

i no its probly been coverd but i cant find it.

where do u get the fishing liences from? do u have to go to the fisheries place in hillaries or can u get it at the post office?

how long dose it take to get ur licence sent to u?

cheers danno

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Online, at Fisheries, Post Office

Wed, 2010-04-07 12:08

As sson as you pay you get a receipt that "acts" as your licence until the placky arrives, usually less than a week.

Hopes this helps a little



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Wed, 2010-04-07 12:21

Get it straight online at the fisheries website mate, mine took a week to come through

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post office and as said

Wed, 2010-04-07 13:16

post office and as said above the receipt acts as your license, mine took about a week to get in the mail