fishing at mindarie marina

hey guys im just after some fishing tips like where to fish at the mindarie marina. i was thinking of going down there this weekend and just wondering if people could tell me what you can catch there would be muchly appreciated & what sort of rig?,would it be worth while taking the big rod?

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There are normally good black bream to be caught from the

Thu, 2010-07-29 17:25

jetty that is to the east of the boat pens.
You can also catch bream, flathead, chopper tailor and the occassional small snapper from the jetty area to the north of the pub.
A rig with a smallish running ball sinker and 1/0 hook would handle most fish there.
Your catches will improve dramatically if you fish there on dusk and after dark.


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thank you for ur info collin

Thu, 2010-07-29 17:55

thank you for ur info collin this was verry helpfull Laughing

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Rock wall

Thu, 2010-07-29 17:57

Northern most tip of the western most rockwall is a favourite haunt for guys chasing chopper tailor at dusk and herring, skippy etc during the day. The western rockwall fished inside can score you some school whiting.

Good luck.


PS: If you can cast pretty far try the little inner rock wall at the northern tip where those big houses are and cast North parallel to the inshore reef. You may be lucky to get some big yellowfin bream there. I know I used to many years ago but haven't tried it for a long time.



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