kite fishing

does anyone know if there is a shop in perth or bunbury that sells a kite fishing kit  thanks

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never even heard of it. have

Thu, 2010-07-22 21:45

never even heard of it. have you got any links to show us what its all about


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The Kiwis are big on it Russ and Sandy

Thu, 2010-07-22 22:24

I do remember seeing a local shop advertising they had kite gear tournament, but for the life of me I can't remember which shop it was. You might be better off importing some gear from NZ.


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if you search you tube its

Thu, 2010-07-22 22:32

if you search you tube its on there kite fishing at mokau beach faulkner family

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Most tackle stores should be

Fri, 2010-07-23 03:01

Most tackle stores should be able to order one in. Mako Tackle is the distributor for them last I heard.

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Fri, 2010-07-23 05:32


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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looks interesting, but in

Fri, 2010-07-23 09:00

looks interesting, but in the videos the fish they pulled in all looked dead(apart from the sharks) so what if you get a whole bunch of under size fish?


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Throw them back dead, after

Fri, 2010-07-23 11:18

Throw them back dead, after all, even though you're killing the fish, its still legal, and thats all matters right? Hmmm.

In all fairness, I cant really comment on how acceptable it is in other areas of the world, for all I know, they may have a good chance of only getting size fish and never more than a bag limit. Though, as you say Breno, if people just killing undersize fish, should you really be allowed to do it? That scenario doesnt seem right to me (but I dont know what the actual scenarios are, so merely thinking about the hypothetical). At least in Australia, you're only allowed 3 hooks/gangs/sets (at mentioned)



Provided the fishing is done in a way that is fair to the fish, I dont see any problems with it though. Not really the kite aspect thats the concern though, IMO. Using a kite could be a good method of fishing off WA. It would certainly be interesting to substitute a balloon at say Wagoe/Quobba/Steep/etc for a kite, or just to get a bait out wide in the metro area for sharks or maybe something better? Just the amatuer long lining part that isnt great (but not allowed here so moot anyways).

Tournament, hopefully you'll be able to find one and give it a go. Would certainly be interesting to see some people get some quality fish in WA using a kite to get the bait out.


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as kids the old man made a

Fri, 2010-07-23 09:57

as kids the old man made a box kite built for fishing it was good

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Fri, 2010-07-23 10:09

Would it not be illegal in oz I think a line can only have  a maximum of 3 hooks ? this is closer to longlining from what I saw watching it on tv once.

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it would be an awsome

Fri, 2010-07-23 12:36

it would be an awsome alternative to balooning, no gas and the kite can be reused over and over....imagine this...

you need 2 with the kite, the other with the lure

you send out the kite 400 meters with a lure somehow activate a release mechanism...your lure drops into the water and you rip you popper or whatever in from 400 meters out...stopping to let your burning arm rest and catch your breath....


i would definatly give it ago, any one have any more ideas?? mabye like an imp clip, you give the rod with the lure a hard yank and it releases

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Try this site

Fri, 2010-07-23 13:44

Have a look here its a US site but might give you some ideas

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Fri, 2010-07-23 13:54

 that is scarily similar to what i just described above!

i think thier in my head....

everything really has been thought i going crazy? who's there?



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haha ruste, or poor mans

Fri, 2010-07-23 14:02

haha ruste, or poor mans way, just tie a lure to a normal kite with a bit of thin paper. open your spool , when its out far enough just close the spool and  yank. should work! i think?

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ok breno ya smart arse i

Fri, 2010-07-23 15:07

ok breno ya smart arseYell i just threw all my ellaborate sketches in the bin!!!


but i will give you a brief description of what im thinking. here goes.


think ski feild chair lift.


1) have a very short stiff rod with a big spool electiric reel, in a rod holder with the kite attached.


2) attach your lure to to the kite via a release clip.


3) put your reel and the electric reel into free spoolt till you reach the desired distance.


4) stop the electric reel, engage you spinning reel and release the lure from the kite


5) press retrieve on the electric reel, and move away to start your spinning retrieve.


6) the electric reel stops when it has retrieved the kite ready for the next person to attach thier lure.


you could have several people using the same kite without anyone having to waste time retrieving the kite. what are peoples thougths on this? anyone got an electric reel to do some tests?


PS. Im deadly serious.Laughing

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a mate of mine used a life

Fri, 2010-07-23 21:49

a mate of mine used a life saver lolly as a connection. Tie a baloon to your rig with one then it dissolves quickly enough when in the water, the bait releases and you're away.
Might be a cheap alternative.

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sounds like a good idea ,

Fri, 2010-07-23 22:02

sounds like a good idea , but instead of using an electric reel, why not just get an electric motor with a spindle of some sort. something like what they use to spool a reel would work just the same. for connecting the bait/lure to the kite just use a bit of cotton, one light tug and it would break easily. flick the switch to wind in the kite for the next as you said


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we used one a few years back

Fri, 2010-07-23 18:15

to send baits out into the shallow water at exmouth.We anchored in the deep channel and sent the kite out the back of the boat up into the shallows.Deadly on coral trout and spanglies.


So tell me have you got your info from years on the water or hours on the internet?

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as far as hooks go from wat

Fri, 2010-07-23 21:05

as far as hooks go from wat i understand you can use 1 hook or a 100 hooks just depends on how many you want to put on

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I remember reading

Sun, 2010-07-25 09:40

just recently in Bluewater Magazine about a technique using Kites for chasing finniky fin and bluefin over in America which some guys have tried out on the East coast with success.


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oi ruste13 what about a

Sat, 2010-07-24 12:44

oi ruste13 what about a spudgun:P..or a big slingshot..just pull back your lure and FLING it out. you never know you might see me on the new inventors soon;)


Happy Fishing????always

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my luck the lure would

Sat, 2010-07-24 12:54

my luck the lure would explode and id be left with a swival dangling from the end of my line.

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hahah well on youtube i saw

Sat, 2010-07-24 18:49


well on youtube i saw like a spud gun but gigger.

PVC piping etc. it gets compressed very hig PSI or KPA and then you freeze your bait and rig in a special liquid that will melt super quick in water and freeze it. then you literally shoot it out! but make sure your reel is in free spool!


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kite fishing

Sat, 2010-07-24 20:41

Kites of different sizes are available at Geraldton Sports and are being used by a few boys up this way.

The advantage of a kite is that you are able to ajust the height and the angle that it flys into the wind.


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Pauls Fishing Kites has been

Mon, 2010-07-26 21:09

Pauls Fishing Kites has been around in NZ for a long long time and well respected.


... if your having trouble sourcing stuff in WA, might be worth looking on this site


Lots of great info on how to do it all too. I have never tried myself but know of alot of people who do use them. In NZ its basically a technique of getting a long line out deep. You would be using 5/0 + sized tuna or circle hooks  on heavy line. Soak it for an hour or so and winch it back in. With the use of larger circle hooks you shouldnt gut hook many meaning release of undersized fish is usually pretty easy.


Sharks would be a real problem around here i expect though.