Fishing tomorrow. Sunday 11th May

 So I wouldn't say I'm getting bored but bream, whiting, and pinkies are starting to become predictable inside mindarie marina. Managed a very nice 34cm black bream last weekend with a bag full of everything else.

this weekend I want to put away my Flicky and get out the big guns off the rocks for something bigger for the table hopefully.

What is biting off mindarie rocks as we're approaching winter. It's my first winter in Australia so all new for me. 

Is it 3 gang 3/0s and mullies for tailor, berley float for herring and salmon, or lures for ?


What would you guys recommend for a decent session tomorrow.

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 First of all, any rockwall

Sat, 2013-05-11 20:32

 First of all, any rockwall will be worth fishing, but wherever you're going, get there early because it will be chockers. If you're chasing tailor you won't need "the big guns" as such, an 8-9ft rod will suffice, but with the recent storm, I'd think you'd be better off targetting snapper or mulloway. Use a rod somewhere around the 10-12ft range, set up a running 3-4oz sinker with about a metre of 60lb leader and 2 4/0 snelled hooks. Fresh scalies have been the bait of choice, otherwise grab some IQF mulies. However, if you can put up with the hoards of rude fisherpeople and the constant tangles with those rude people who think its ok to cast their line over yours every time, you're a better man than I am! 

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 Can you catch snapper from

Sat, 2013-05-11 22:15

 Can you catch snapper from the wall?

what rig is best for snapper?

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 Yes after the big storms

Sun, 2013-05-12 03:45

 Yes after the big storms like we've just had. They will still be around. I explained the rig I like to use above, but I'll go again in more depth. Get a snap swivel and thread the swivel part on your mainline, then tie on a normal swivel. From there attach a 60lb leader 1m long with 2 4/0 hooks snelled. Bang a 3 or 4 oz sinker on the snap part of the snap swivel and you're good to go.