Fishwrecked welcomes back Southern Cross Charters

Hi Crew,

Many of you may have noticed that Southern Cross weren't a site sponsor over the October to December metro ban.  Now that the ban has been lifted and you can get out there and amongst them again, Southern Cross have come back to fishwrecked. 

Kim runs a professional outfit for those of you wanting to go chasing bottom fish and also does sambo jigging charters at some of the best weekly rates you will find in Perth.  Here's a few threads from the guys showing what sort of action you can expect:

Any questions, please give Kim or Deb a ring on the number displayed in the banner below:




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They sound like a quality

Mon, 2010-01-04 16:03

They sound like a quality charter, hope to get out with them one day soon! If only I hadn't spent all my money on holidays, now must get back to work and save some pennys!