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Please make welcome our new Site Sponsor - Dirk Hartog Island.  Well worth thinking about for your next holiday destination!




First discovered in 1616 Dirk Hartog Island is a unique place that offers a multitude of travel experiences.  From the luxury of the Eco Lodge to some of Australias finest camping locations, Dirk Hartog is unmatched for its getaway options.


Located in World Heritage listed Shark Bay, the island is over 80 kms long and has endless kilometers of secluded beaches and bays perfect for getting away from it all. The rugged west coast faces the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean with towering cliffs offering spectacular views to the horizon. 

Having operated as a tourist destination since 1993, the island has seen numerous visitors who often return year after year for their slice of island life. The latest addition is Endeavour bar and café that looks over the beautiful aqua waters of Shark Bay. You can get to the island by boat, plane or by taking your own 4wd. Dirk Hartog offers some of the countries best 4wd driving experiences with the ability to load the car with camping and fishing gear and head over on the purpose built carrier vehicle barge to explore all of the islands hidden locations.   

Of course being surrounded by water means there is unlimited opportunity for catching fish of all sizes. The island offers all types of fishing experiences either for hard core fishing groups chasing big pelagics, snapper and the islands famous gropers from cliftop locations to those that like the idea of relaxing on a beach casting a line for whiting or flathead. The diving is also world class with many isolated reefs teeming with fish and offering tasty painted crays. Whatever your chosen fishing activity is, you will not be disappointed. Just remember Dirk Hartog Island supports resposnsibile fishing activities and this is reinforced by Fisheries WA who ensure it is well monitored and effectively managed.

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 Welcome aboard . Never been

Tue, 2020-06-09 13:08

 Welcome aboard . Never been there but heard many great stories of triumphs and failures 


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Welcome and look forward to

Tue, 2020-06-09 13:49

Welcome and look forward to going back there one day soon to visit

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 Welcome. DHI is a landbased

Tue, 2020-06-09 17:23

 Welcome. DHI is a landbased fishing mecca. Ive been lucky enough to visit a few times and each trip created life time memories.  The hole island is excellent for all the  4x4 and camping . The scenery is awesome with beach and cliff fishing. Highly recommend putting this trip on the bucket list.

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 Defnitely on the list to see

Tue, 2020-06-09 17:53

 Defnitely on the list to see

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Great to have DHI on board

Tue, 2020-06-09 20:56

Great to have DHI on board here.
Has to be my all time favourite land based fishing destination.
There is something for all tastes ranging from ballooning and spinning for pelagics, demersals from the rocks to whiting and flathead on the flats.
I’ve done Hard core boy’s trips Fishing the cliffs which are unreal as well as a family camping trip visiting the historic sites as well as some safer Kid friendly fishing.
If you haven’t been It should be in your bucket list.


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 Certainly look forward to

Wed, 2020-06-10 07:01

 Certainly look forward to heading across one day!

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just got back from DHI

Mon, 2020-07-13 14:47

 awesome spot

great 4wding especially down the cliffs south of mystery beach

stayed urchin point 

hugh swell runniing so no fishing off rocks, plenty fish from boat at shelter bay and from homestead

recommended ++++




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