Shorecatch and Fishwrecked - Fishing Story of the Month Competition

Morning All,

Shorecatch and Fishwrecked have teamed up and decided to run a monthly fishing story competition on the site over the next 6 months, and possibly longer if goes well:

The rules:

  • Stories will be judged that are entered between the 1st of each calendar month;
  • 3 independent judges from the site have been chosen by Shorecatch and will decide on the winner;
  • Please enter your stories into the fishing discussion thread;
  • Please keep the language civil or if really needed to emphasise the moment, use some characters S#$@! etc.

The prize is your choice of one of these knives listed below, variation to the prize can be discussed with Shorecatch if wanting to put on credit for skinning, slicing or sharpening knives/items (higher value items).

All winner stories will be promoted to the front page (unless requested otherwise).  Hoping to read some good yarns over the coming months.


Adam & The Shorecatch Team




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 Great idea . Need to get

Thu, 2020-06-04 15:16

 Great idea . Need to get some good weather to get out there first


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Winner - Scotto

Sat, 2020-07-04 08:50

 Hi All,

Rankings for Shorecatch story of the month as decided by the majority of the 4 judges in the following order.


1. Gnaraloo Nightmare – (Scotto)

2. Novice Dhu Slayer… - (Moking)

3. Mackie at Last – (Fisheagle)

4. Impromtu Trip North – (Riles)

5. Gnaraloo 2020 Report – (Sea-Kem)

Well done Scotto, contact me re your knife.
New comp has started from 1st July.



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 Thanks for running a fun

Sun, 2020-07-05 09:22

 Thanks for running a fun comp- great reading.

Now, I'll have to head up to Shorecatch to buy my own decent fillet knives to deal with the Dhu's!



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