Freshwater Fishing licences - unlicensed fishers??

Hi guys,

Just a quick questions - with the Fishing From Boat Licence I understand that "Unlicensed fishers can fish in the company of a licensed boat fisher provided they stay within the licensed fisher’s bag limit". Does this same rule apply to freshwater fishing?? or does each and every angler have to be licensed before they think of dropping a line???

I only freshwater fish once in a blue moon, so thought that I should be able to fish with licensed people and stick to their bag limit.

I know its something I can check with fisheries, but I thought I might just get some feedback on here to see what your thoughts are.



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i believe you both need to

Wed, 2010-08-11 14:53

i believe you both need to have a licence. could be wrong but ive never heard of fishing under someone elses in regard to freshwater.

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Pretty sure its each angler?

Wed, 2010-08-11 15:03

Pretty sure its each angler? I had to ring fisheries for a q on bag limits and they actually answered it pretty quick, so may be worth giving a ring and clarifying.

For the boat licenses, you're always on the same boat, with a few m, rather than perhaps 100m+ away. Plus a factor in the boat licenses is that they wanted to know how many effective boat fishers there were (even if its based on a flawed assumption that having a licence = targetting often).

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As what the other blokes

Wed, 2010-08-11 15:19

As what the other blokes said one license per fisher. But to my understanding it reads more like one rod per freshwater license. So i dont pay for my missus to have a freshwater license to come fishing with me, i just let her use my rod until she gets bored(which isnt too long :p). As long as i am with her and we have only one rod for the one license no drama's.

But if you are with mates and dont want to share then yes you will have to pay the ridiculous $45 for the license. Dont expect that money to go back into freshwater fisheries managment/restocking though. There is less restocking of trout in the dams and waterways now than 10 or even 5 years ago. Have a look at fisheries stats on how many fingerlings fisheries realeases each year and where.

Still i love my trout fishing so i reluctantly pay the $45.

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It is great because i am

Wed, 2010-08-11 21:31

It is great because i am under 16 and do not require a liscence of some sort for fresh water fishing???


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sorry to burst your bubble

Thu, 2010-08-12 18:40

but you do need one, but you get it at a concession rate of 50% off being under 16yo.


Only aboriginals are waived the need of having a license.


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Hmmm rules must have changed

Fri, 2010-08-13 08:02


rules must have changed went last year to one of that lake inland of bunbury where you can camp and i didnt need a liscence.

thanks for that Huggy :)


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Where does it become fresh?

Thu, 2010-08-12 08:36

such as the Blackwood? At the Ferry, One Tree Bridge or where?

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Above the tidal influence.

Thu, 2010-08-12 22:14

Above the tidal influence. Which depending on the time of year will be somewhere between Warner Glen Bridge and Great North Crossing.

As a general rule if you are planning on fishing upstream of Great North Crossing i would have a freshwater licence. Have caught trout from there before.

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less restocking??

Thu, 2010-09-09 20:12

Hell Buz i thought I was buying my licence to help pay for my prefered sport which is trout flyfishing!! When I go to Harvey or somewhere I expect a fair go. These fish cannot breed in a lake & the rivers are not really suitable by not having gravelly runs for trout to lay their eggs in so we are dependent on re-stocking arent we?

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My thoughts exactly rainbow.

Thu, 2010-09-09 20:58

My thoughts exactly rainbow. But then again i guess the fact that we have any trout in W.A is a blessing. With the greenies trying their hardest to stop trout stocking everywhere in WA as according to them 'they are a pest that are eating all the native freshwater aquatic life'. I mean even look what rivers and dams/lakes they stock now to the ones they used too and straight away you can see that even the places you can go fishing for them are getting smaller and smaller.

Yet again W.A the nanny state, where 'oh my god its not native lets get rid of it', or 'we dont like change here' seems to ring true. And so yet again i will probably take more of my money interstate and do more trout fishing with my mate in VIC were they have an AWESOMELY managed trout fishery compared to over here. Where also i can get a 2 day license for $6.00, or a 28 day license for $12.00. Compared to even if i only want to fish for one day over here i have to still pay the annual fee of $45.00.