Freshwtaer Fishing in Perth?



I am originaly from England and was always into carp fishing in lakes, i was wondering what the freshwater fishing is like here in perth and where it is, as i have only been land based saltwater?





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down south

Thu, 2009-11-19 16:58

come down towards bunbury and there is plenty of freshwater fishing oportunintys around here. the best locations for trout and redfin perch ( english perch ) would be around harvey dam, waroona dam, wellington dam, and if you go for a cauple of days pemberton is GREAT for trout and reddies there are carp in some lakes around perth i think there is a forum topic somewhere on here about carp fishing in perth but yea pretty good freshwater fishing oppertunity's here you could also possible catch some catfish ( cobbler )

ohh the topic is in river and esturine fishing just go down and the topic title is

carp fishing