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 Hey guys and gals

so being the good son that i am ive paid for the old man and myself to go on a trip to fiji and now realised i need to buy gear. Old boy is a fisherman but this will defiantly be his first and last trip so i dont want to spend thousands on a combo for him. Basically looking for a budget gt combo. Where we are going they hardly encounter 50kg mondos 

my two options i have in my head anyway is saragosa 18000 or a okuma salina 16000 

not even sure wherero start rod wise for him 


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 Hard to go wrong with a

Sun, 2018-04-08 07:30

 Hard to go wrong with a gosa. I have a shed full of them. The shimano gt specials quite often pop up secondhand for around $150 or so. 


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 The Salina would be good out

Sun, 2018-04-08 07:42

 The Salina would be good out of those two - surprisingly you dont need tonnes of line capacity for them as they go hard but don't rocket off like a mackerel, plus if they get more than 100m of line off you , 9 times out of 10 they will have already bricked you in the reef :p

The GT Special Tcurves are a very good starting popper rod and are a reasonable price

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Ive just been using a 10000

Sun, 2018-04-08 07:45

Ive just been using a 10000 spheros with 50lb on a 72mh monster mesh here in north qld, only caught smaller gts in the 15-18kg range on it so far but find its light enough to cast a few hours straight without dying in the heat. 

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 not sure of their pricing

Sun, 2018-04-08 14:49

 not sure of their pricing but a penn slammer 3 high speed fits the bill and shouldn't cost a lot.  If your father is not up to popper fishing all day (my dad would really struggle to deal with that style of fishing) may I suggest a 7' - 7'10 stickbait rod and 80-120g stickbaits..  It's so much easier than trying to pop lures all day..  Youll just have to pop near his lures to help him raise fish if in deep water 

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 Its the age old one there

Mon, 2018-04-09 20:26

 Its the age old one there mate, always buy the best you can afford, you hook and fight a couple good Gt's on a salina it'll be buggered in no time (had one years ago and it didnt stand up very well to high drag) as for the gossa ive got a couple in the smaller sizes and they are great reels but id be thinking the 18 would be very heavy casting all day long. 

There's a heap of rods in the cheaper range as maddog mentioned and Feral gave some spot on advice in regards to using sticks rather than poppers its way eaiser on the body if you get some easy working stickbaits. ASWB have a few that a very simple to get good results and are resonably priced for GT lures. 

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