Geographe Bay beaches (early January)

Hi all, I'm heading down to the bay on holiday later this week and I was hoping for a few ideas.

I love it down there, but this fishing always tends to be a let down!  So I'm looking for a few tips...

What are the best beaches for a feed of whiting during the day?

Is there much tailor action on sunset?  We've usually packed up by then, but I'm interested if it's worth sticking it out for a while?  There are a few reefy areas around meelup and Eagle bay that look like they have good potential for tailor.  Also, the reefy area at the northern most tip of Bunker Bay (near Shelley cove) looks like classic tailor territory?  Has anyone had any luck there?

Also, do the beaches around Yallingup hold many whiting/herring during the day... I'll be there one afternoon and I'm interested to hear if it's worth bringing my rods.


Any tips are most welcome!  Desperate to catch a few fish this year (n.b. only have 2wd at our disposal!)

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Mon, 2013-12-30 15:43

Take the walk about half way down Bunker bay to the middle reef, should be a few tailor and salmon trout there early mornings and just on sunset. The start of the rocks at the Rocky point end is much the same with salmon trout and herring if you burley up.

Eagle bay should have whiting and herring same for Point Piquet, Meelup and Little Meelup [Castle Rock Bay]

Yallingup, the middle reef in Smiths beach [Super Tubes] and Mitchell's rock herring tailor, occasional silver bream, salmon trout and the chance of a small bronzie and skippy

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Appreciate that

Mon, 2013-12-30 16:08

Appreciate that information Carnarvonite!  Exploring these areas should keep me busy!

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 Plenty of whiting in the

Mon, 2013-12-30 21:31

 Plenty of whiting in the bay, couple of hours befor high tide or when it just starts coming in off the low. Plenty of snook and a few tailor off the jetty, not really worth it during tourist season, to many people. Any time of the day on the west coast, anywhere between the cape and gracetown, plenty of tailor, a few tarwine, even got a mulla yesterday. Still a few crabs around if you bring the scoop, pretty hard work though.


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