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A few of you may have noticed that there are google ads back up in the left hand column and above that 100 top saltwater fishing sites. When your about to exit the site if you could click on them that would be awesome, feel free to close immediately.

Firstly, each time you click on the Top 100 Saltwater Sites, gets ranked higher and higher as one of better fishing sites out there. (Worth a shot, we are currently 76th after being clicked on a couple of times, so with a bit of help, never know :) )

Secondly, the google ads generate 4 or 8 cents everytime they are clicked on. Everytime the amount reaches $100 US a check is sent out. Now I hear you saying why would I bother making money for you, well, I will put all the money that comes from the Google ads back into prizes for the website, a bit of incentive for you.
The picture of the month competition hasn't been running for a little while, so I am planning to get that backup soon in a big way with some decent prizes for the winners, start getting your photos in! :)



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Tue, 2006-05-09 14:55

Cheers for hitting the top 100 saltwater sites banner guys, we have now moved from 76th down to 48 and are inside the top 50. It also measures how many unique visitors the site recieves each day. Here are the stats for the last 5.

45 170 78 70 104
Today (3pm) 08/05/06 07/05/06 06/06/06 05/05/06

Cheers for your support,


Site Admin - Just ask if you need assistance