Halls head just moved down here

 Just moved down to halls head was just wondering the report around this way went for a walk down the beach to notice some good looking areas with reef scatterd along with some nice gutters and just a little surf break just thought id ask to see whats been court off this beach  


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 The legend returns good to

Sun, 2016-03-06 10:46

 The legend returns good to see you've survived past extreme fishing exploits 


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Sun, 2016-03-06 13:50

 Well, the COURThouse is on Pinjarra Road, across from the forum, and there'd be plenty of tennis, basketball and netball COURTS  throughout the Mandurah area...for more info on COURTS google would be your best friend.

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Sun, 2016-03-06 12:49

 don't tell me Halls head has moved, I loved that place. Where has it gone? or was it just an earth tremor?

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 Used to get a shit load of

Sun, 2016-03-06 16:51

 Used to get a shit load of sand whiting and good tailor down that way. Just gets a bit windy sometimes and makes it pretty difficult to fish. It's always worth a crack for something bigger if you've got the gear for it, live tailor or whiting on a snelled rig in those nice gutters that form up later in the year, i would hit it like October through feb and then move on to doing other kinds of fishing. Just make sure you take the right safety precorshens when fishing alone at night.

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Mon, 2016-03-28 18:09



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First items you need for a spot of night fishing

Sun, 2016-03-06 22:17

Get yourself a nice big can of pepper spray and a pick handle.

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 piss funny cant wait for the

Mon, 2016-03-07 13:58

 piss funny cant wait for the next big blow n ya snapper adventures.

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 Good Tailor fishing along

Mon, 2016-03-07 21:09

 Good Tailor fishing along that stretch late arvo/sunset mate. Early morning plenty of Herring and the odd decent Tarwine to be court to. 


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 Mate great fishery Tailor

Mon, 2016-03-28 17:29

 Mate great fishery


Tailor herrig whitting mulloway gummy shark yellow fin whittg on the flats 


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 fishwrecked never forgets

Thu, 2016-04-07 13:07

 fishwrecked never forgets haha