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hey guys, ive been thinking about getting into fly fishing lately, and i found a brand new hawk fly rod 6wt for a good price, are they any good? and i want to use it for herring/tailor is 6wt a good all round size?

any advice would be very handy cheers guys


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For small stuff you dont need

Wed, 2011-09-07 16:23

For small stuff you dont need a fancy reel. Some pop up on here from time to time. Otherwise you can get brand new ones for $100 that will do all you need well. If you can, get one with a spare spool.

The most important thing is the line though. Get good line like Rio (whichever suits what you want).


Whats the good price on the hawk? I think they're a lower end fly rod brand? Never heard anyone into flyfishing with one.. (but then you dont want to know what they pay for most rods...)

 Is it a saltwater rod though? Some freshwater rods will not have saltwater resistant hardware, and can have different actions. Overall 6wt will be fine for tailor/herring/bream/flatties though. 7wt if you need to punch into wind, or 5wt or lower if its always calm but you want more fun. Good starter/all round weight though. WITH THE RIGHT LINE. This is the most important thing.

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its $50, a tackle store i go

Wed, 2011-09-07 16:50

its $50, a tackle store i go to is closing down and he is having a sale. haha exactly mate i dont want to pay what some flyfisherman pay for their gear, just a starting outfit really.

yeah it is saltwater, i obviously get a 6wt reel aswell?

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I've used some crappy ones

Wed, 2011-09-07 17:09

I've used some crappy ones and my outfits. If i'd just used the crappy ones I would never flyfish again. Problem is with really crappy gear (soft feel-less rods and crappy line) is that it will be very hard to cast and not very enjoyable when casting or fighting.

You could always get the rod and see how you go, just dont skimp on the line like I said. No point bothering with cheap line (and sorry, but will cost more than that rod :p). Flyworld have cheaper rio line than bluewater, and i think compleat flyfisher melb do to (or overseas).

Yeah, 6wt reel. It mostly only matter for capacity though. Plus or minus a size you might still be able to get away with. Large abor is good, but if on the cheap, then see whats available. Think there was one for sale within the last month on here?

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haha i definately dont want

Wed, 2011-09-07 18:02

haha i definately dont want to go crappy, just something good so i dont really have to upgrade if i do get serious about it. what stores have alot of gear to choose from mate? bluiewater on leach hwy?

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SW 6wt ???

Wed, 2011-09-07 18:37

You will be limiting yourself a little, but it is the best learning size rod off all. I started with a 8wt, and that way you at least had a chance with some bigger critter. However nothing wrong with a 6wt as a bigginer.

I would get a weight forward (eisier to learn on) sinking tip fly line and as Hlokk said dont worry about the reel as it is about the last thing you upgrade IMO. It goes like this. Flyline/rod/reel. When fighting some fish I dont even use the reel, but just hand pull  and coil the line and let the rod do the fish fighting. The reel can basically just act in some scenarios as a line holder.

I personally dont like the Hawk, but at $50 I would grab it. I doubt it, but if you hate fly fishing (keep the wrist locked and dont go back past 90degrees on the backcast) then at least nothing wasted (yet).



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What is this wrist locked,

Sat, 2011-09-10 18:20

What is this wrist locked, not past 90 degree casting? 180 wide open full arm extension with a bit of wrist plus some double hauling baby!



Mike, Bluewater Melville has a good range (Speak of Rohan or Bellsy). Theres also Flywater in Bayswater that only does flyfishing. Chris will help you out on anything you need to know and does casting lessons. (Also, have Rio line cheaper)