Hi everyone..

I recently got myself a gilles 8wt combo to give flyfishing a go.. Watched the DVD that came with it and im casting alright.. However I sometimes get knots in my leader.. Any idea what im doing wrong and how to fix it?

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 i think it is because you

Sun, 2011-09-11 19:49

 i think it is because you are not giving the leader time to completly straiten out before starting your next cast if you understand what i mean the leader has not finished its loop and is doubling over its self



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wind knots

Tue, 2011-09-20 11:37

Dont worry every body gets them when starting out.

the type of fly might be contributng, if it is bulky it will twist your tippet up. a streamlined fly like a clouser will sort that out.

knots also form when the line hits itself in the cast. just remember the line will always follow the path of the rod tip. try opening out the loops a bit by holding the rod tip away from your body on the back cast and bringing it in a bit on the forward cast, about 40cm at the tip should do it. as you get better at casting you can tighten up your loops which will give you more line speed and distance.

one last thing is try and limit you false casts to 3 - less swish, more fish

hope it helps

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Agree with Aaron C

Tue, 2011-09-20 13:27

When I started I cursed the knots, but now get less and less. But I dont (yet) freshwater fly, all salt water so use a heavierleader and tippet. This does also seem to limit the casting knots.

Aaron is definately better than me, I need at least 4 falsies to get the required distance I am after.



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