Well, I should be back from my Aussie Adventure but anyone holding a job should understand we have no say. I had to cancel my holiday to go to training. Now I awaiting one signature to know I will finally get the chance to visit. Tenative dates 04 Novenber - 28 November. Anyone gonna be in exxy at that time? Wanna split a guide trip? If not, any DIY advice? This is all pretty last minute, by time I finally get the okay I will have less then two weeks to book tickets and make plans.

Worst case scenerio if I can't camp, will I get harassed if I have a rental car and drive off somewhere and car-camp?

Any advice is much appreciated



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camping at our caravan parks

Fri, 2011-10-21 05:57

camping at our caravan parks in town will be ok ,just about all of the nomads have gone ,there will be heaps of room

  are you flying up Edb or driving ??