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 G'day everyone.. Hope you fathers out there are having a good one..


Just got myself a gilles 8wt saltwater combo.. Just wondering if anyone out there has one and if they know how to change the reel over to right hand wind? I cant work it out.. It seems the drag only works if it is left hand wind, is it possible to switch it to right hand wind?


Also if anyone out there can let me know what flies I should get.. Mainly looking at perth based fishing whilst getting started chasing herring, tailor, flathead, bream, garfish... 



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 Not sure about changing the

Sun, 2011-09-04 11:10

 Not sure about changing the hand on that particular reel, but generally it's possible with all types of fly reels. I just had a look at the instructions for two of my fly reels and changing the wind is a completely different process for both. Did it come with any instructions?

Targeting flathead and herring etc. on fly is quite easy and a good starting point. I was recommended a floating line to first learn to cast with, but I got a lot better results using a weight forward intermediate line. Intermediate lines are on all my reels now.  I used to use crazy charlies, prawn patterns and clousers for flatties and small deceivers for herring. Also had a lot of success up north with larger deceivers on trevally and queenfish. 

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Sun, 2011-09-04 15:54

 Thanks Steve..


I couldn't find any instructions on the box.. I had another look at it today and I cant see how it can be converted.. It's not a major issue though, im sure i'll deal with it.. I got a weight forward floating line with it.. But might invest in a decent line in the near future.. Probably something like the Rio mainstream saltwater.. Would you know where I can get flies south of the river? The only place I know of is Flyworld in Bayswater.. 

Now I just have to get out there and have a practice flinging this thing around!!!!!

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I have two Gillies reels.

Sun, 2011-09-04 20:44

I have two Gillies reels. One with an #6 intermediate line and one #6 tropical line.

The tackle shop staff switched it over. I have thrown the boxes in the bin.

Maybe ask the people you purchased from how its done?


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Jeez I never looked at mine

Mon, 2011-09-05 05:51

and this is going to sound plain dumb, but they should basically all be capable of it because of the basic design.

But found this:

Deciding which hand to use on the reel
You can use most reels two ways: for left hand retrieve (the most common) and for right hand retrieve. How you switch the reel between the two differs from reel to reel. You can often change this yourself. See the instrucions for the reel. In some cases it has to be done with special tools in a shop, and in a few cases it can't be done at all, but you hjave to buy your reel for the hand you want to use.
Most right handed fly anglers use the left hand to wind the line and vice versa for left handed anglers. We use the best hand to cast, and don't want to switch hands once a fish is hooked. But some anglers actually cast an wind with the same hand, and switch the rod over once a fish is hooked.
Remember to set your reel to the proper retrieve before spooling on line, and remember that the reel hangs under the rod when in use, and the orientation and adjustment should reflect this.
This will be the most common setup: Hold the reel in the reel foot with your casting hand and "reel in" with the other hand. The reel should be easy to turn when you reel in, and if the reel has a brake, it should only effect the movement of the spool when it turns the opposite way - as when giving off line

Im sure it is doable.



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