Hillarys, Mindarie, Ocean Reef

Just thought id start a post for all those landbased coastal fisherpeople out there who know of and want to share thier spots in the various marina's in the northern suburbs....

I think we're all pretty clued up about where to fish on the outside walls of the marina's but a lot of action happens on the inside, with black bream having been introduced in the marinas, also other species which like to come in....

In particular, I was at hillarys today, wanting to get some bream and skippy inside the marina... never really fished inside so had absolutely no bloody idea where to go to target them.... ended up near where the dolphin pens were and my mate caught a nice sized leatherjacket, however, no bream or anything else worthile (damn blowies)

So yeah, anyone know some good inside marina locations for different species?

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Pack a small lure bag with

Wed, 2007-07-18 06:15

Pack a small lure bag with and array of soft plastics that will fit in your pocket! Then walk the entire rock wall casting, i do this at hillaries often when i just want to relax and have a casual fish. Never know wwhat youll pick up either....like my sambo last week or so. If you want to get the skippy in use burley but yeah watch the blowies.

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I've caught tailor, pike

Wed, 2007-07-18 07:25

I've caught tailor, pike and squid from the Hillarys boat ramp durring summer.  This was at night flicking a minnow and squid jig.

Used to catch decent cobbler + flat head + flounder inside of Ocean Reef marina, but this is going back 10 years. 

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have caught lots of

Wed, 2007-07-18 12:01

have caught lots of different species in the hillarys marina.
i fish off one of the private jettys where my mate has a boat moored.
have caught tailor, flathead, whiting, small pinkies, gurnard, yellowtail, herring, skippy, blue manna's and squid.

havent fished there in a while though

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just next to the disabled

Wed, 2007-07-18 13:20

just next to the disabled jetty on the north wall of hillarys is always productive teeming with hundreds of yellowtail herring and gardies (watch for the lbowies though) and yeah hillarys is a pink snapper breeding nursery sow many baby pinkies!!!!! also watch inside the ocean reef marina on the beach thing half way between the boat ramps and north wall,  use burley, coral prawns and squid to get BIG mullet (and i mean big i saw some kid there once catching mullet over the 40cm mark one after another and u can get big tarwhine and black bream in there just before the sun sets!!!!


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yeah i see heaps of guys

Thu, 2007-07-19 07:34

yeah i see heaps of guys targeting those big mullet inside ocean reef.  some guys wade in and use pole rods, some guys just rip metal lures and jag them.

i remember there was an algal bloom there once, and all the fish were suffocating near the boat ramp.  My mate kicked some decent herring out of the water with his feet, and caught a jumbo occy with a stick.  was a weird thing to see. 

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A few years ago me and my

Thu, 2007-07-19 07:43

A few years ago me and my mates fished inside hillaries boat pens for a bit, theres heaps of baby pink snapper. You just have to sneak in the security door when someone goes thru.

Hey Spess, did you end up giving the sambos another shot??


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Yeah i had a crack sunday

Thu, 2007-07-19 08:34

Yeah i had a crack sunday afternoon but no luck at all.....not even a bite! The area was pretty shut down for some reason, not even the tarwine or skippy wanted to play the game. The current was alittle stronger than usall but i thought it looked spot on for tailor as there was a few small bait schools around but no action. Plan on trying again this week sometime, let you know how i go. I have been talking to a few guys who have said that there is some decent sambos hanging around that area in the 5 to 10kg range. Hopefully they want to play the game this week. :)

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