Hotmail and Yahoo accounts

We will be accepting hotmail and yahoo account signups for the present time but will consider changing to allowing established email addresses only if spamming occurs. We apoligise in advance if this occurs but is relatively difficult to stop. Guest logins will be restricted from participating in certain forums and will remain read-only, if you wish to contribute you will need to sign up.

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Could be a problem Adam

Fri, 2006-02-10 14:51

in the future maybe. In the past I ran a email program (outlook express) on my PC and ended up with nothing but viruses (despite firewalls and virus protection)...because I always seemed to be on the net when these viruses first came out and so got caught...

These days I won't use a email program on my own 'puter - I only use hotmail / yahoo as an extra "arms length separation" from me and the filthy viruses..they have to get past their security as well as mine.

It doesn't mean someone is a spammer as such just coz they use hotmail or yahoo..IMHO..

That said, if I could find out who gave my hotmail addy to a Brazzilion lonely hearts website...well you get the idea! ;o)

Hey I wonder of sheila's on a Brazzilion lonely hearts web sites, all have barazzzilions! :o)... hmm - might hafta research that aspect a little more closely, methinks! he he he!

Will report back my findings! grin!