How’s Kalbarri fishing atm?

 heading up on the 20th for 5 days with the boat in tow, wondering if anyone has been up recently?

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I’m here now

Mon, 2018-04-02 09:34

 water is green and shit. Not many fish being caught, although the charters seem to be doing ok. 


Trolled allthis morning for zilch, and all other boats at ramp were the same, north and south. 


Shit tonnes of mummy poon at the caravan parks though :)

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 Cheers, hopefully you get

Mon, 2018-04-02 10:05

 Cheers, hopefully you get into something while your up there.

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Put down deep divers

Mon, 2018-04-02 18:19

 Mate go inclose at wagoe.can't stay in town cleaning the crooks up!


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs