I can recommend this product and backup

 Just make sure you are getting the one designed for your weight of boat.  My first one on the Reefrunner was the smaller size, "technically" right on the margin of recommended boat size, but I broke it. I had bought it unused/second hand from a fellow Fishwrecker. I contacted L&R and spoke to the owner, Geoff, directly. He was very helpful, and while the unit was purchased second hand, gave me a very good deal on a replacement bow attachment. It's the larger version, and I'll never break this one. Good people that back their products. 

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 My wife understands why I clean my rods n reels in the shower....


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One of these? https://www.boatlatch.com/

Bought one for the last boat. Very nicely made product

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very helpful

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 i have one of their latches on my trailer and boat and any time if have contacted them they have been great to deal with.

so easy to fit and great for solo drive on retrieving.