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 One for the e tec gurus out there have a 2008 e tec and the icommand gauges both have gone blank with no data or readouts but they are still getting power as it lit up with the backlight .Having done a google search i have found they did have some problems with software updates that the dealer could do through computer although a lot of these appeared to be in america.Just wondering if any other owners have had same issues or some advice before i take to mechanic as there hourly rate to fault find can become expensive and the price of new gauges is fairly pricy as well TIA

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Check all your NMEA2000 T

Mon, 2018-01-15 09:28

Check all your NMEA2000 T connectors are working properly. I had an issue on my boat because we were using two different brands of T connectors and they were slightly different sizes, so they didn't lay flat when they were plugged together. This put pressure on the join between the two different sized connectors and eventually one of the internal pins broke.

If you have two gauges and both have stopped working at the exact same time, I would think that would indicate an NMEA2000 communication issue rather than a faulty gauge.

Something else to look for is the T connectors at the ends of the main backbone need to have terminators connected. The network will sometimes work without the terminators, but will be unreliable.

There is also a connector under the engine cowling that connects the NMEA2000 into the ECU. Maybe check that that hasn't come loose.

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 thanks DTrain for the info

Mon, 2018-01-15 15:47

 thanks DTrain for the info ill check it out and see thanks