I’ve been using 2L milk containers for ice however they only last a trip or two before the bottle is split or lid is stuffed   What’s the best way to make block ice? Cheers  

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Sat, 2020-02-15 09:36

 I use the 2 litre juice or round milk bottles and have had the same ones for a couple of years , key is to fill them up then squeeze the sides in a bit and then put the lid on , this allows for expansion and stops the containers from splitting


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 5l rectangle ice cream

Sat, 2020-02-15 11:10

 5l rectangle ice cream containers.Shore catch sell them.

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Shore Catch also sell salt

Thu, 2020-02-20 19:21

Shore Catch also sell salt ice

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Ice cream containers

Sat, 2020-02-15 11:15

 2 litre ice cream containers, When frozen empty tub out into separate freezer bags and stack until ready to use, refill container and  freeze leaving container full ready to go when needed

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I have a fish bag and use the

Sat, 2020-02-15 12:15

I have a fish bag and use the large ziplock bags which slip into the folded up fish bag perfectly or for crabbing I fill balloons with water and freeze them.


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As above..2l & 5l icecream

Sat, 2020-02-15 12:57

As above..2l & 5l icecream tubs work great. I throw them in my mad fish bag, by the time I'm out and have a fish on there ready to slide straight out. I break these blocks up with my release weight...add some sea water are your done.

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 Well in Rockingham we use

Sat, 2020-02-15 13:18

 Well in Rockingham we use the most trusted method ..... ..  .......!

Opps wrong ICE- lol


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Salt Water Bottles

Sat, 2020-02-15 14:32

 We use 2lt juice bottles the thicker ones not the thin square ones. We fill them with salt water and super glue the lids on so they can't be opened. 

Lasts for two days easy in a decent esky. We've had the same ones for years.

Gets cold enough that we've frozen small bottles of water just sitting up against them while in the esky and makes filletting a breeze when theyre so cold that theyre nice and stiff.


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Pepsi max bottles 2l

Sat, 2020-02-15 17:49

 Better then those milk bottles 


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 Bunning sell hard plastic

Sat, 2020-02-15 18:01

 Bunning sell hard plastic 5ltr water bottles. Fill will sea water and freeze. 

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Thanks all heaps of great

Sat, 2020-02-15 18:10

Thanks all heaps of great ideas. I’m thinking it’s a good excuse to eat my way through 3 x 4L of ice cream

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 I have an ice machine  But I

Sat, 2020-02-15 18:22

 I have an ice machine  But I do use block ice up north, just freeze up the 2 litre ice ream containers and make heaps of stock before I go. They last the whole 13 hr trip in the freezer no probs. Also very good for the beer bag that sits in the back of my ute all day up there awaiting our return as I will only ever have a dry boat. Too many fucken things to go wrong up there and be half cut trying to sort it out. 


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 Certainly some good ideas

Sat, 2020-02-15 18:49

 Certainly some good ideas there. Didn't think of salt water for ice. Better than buying 3 bags every time we go out


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salt ice

Sat, 2020-02-15 21:36

Frozen salt water crushed with salt water in a slurry will freeze your catch and last a hell of a lot longer.
But be aware that it will also freeze your beer.


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2 ideas I use

Sun, 2020-02-16 21:23

I use 2 litre milk containers when fishing locally, but I cut them open to get the ice out with a kitchen cleaver. As said before, these ones split easily when frozen so are generally not an option for multiple refreezing. Basically for me they are just a convenient container to freeze ice in.

When going away (Shelter Bay etc) we use 1.25 litre cool drink bottles. These are strong (especially the lids) and can be refrozen dozens of times and rarely fail. We take about 30 and rotate them through the freezer, using 10 a day. For the last 3 days, we don't refreeze them so don't have to take full ones home (obviously we take the empty ones home)

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 I'm just starting to use

Wed, 2020-02-19 09:03

 I'm just starting to use 90mm or  100mm pvc pipe. Fill no more than 80% or they'll burst. Salt or tap water up to you. No need to ever replace.

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 3ltr Golden Circle apple

Wed, 2020-02-19 14:26

 3ltr Golden Circle apple juice bottles.

Pretty tough.

They have a handy carry tab too. 

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Wed, 2020-02-19 16:57

I like these as well.
the carry handle helps a heap 

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 I've been told that if you

Wed, 2020-02-19 15:43

 I've been told that if you keep the ice in your freezer for a month, the bonds holding the ice together get harder and the block takes longer to melt. If I can find the theory behind it I'll post it. 

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4ltr cooking oil bottles,

Thu, 2020-02-20 09:52

4ltr cooking oil bottles, last for years and the bulk stays frozen for ages. 


 Cheers Treky

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Save all the hassle guys the

Thu, 2020-02-20 19:21

Save all the hassle guys the Salty Fisherman sell 5kg bags of flaked salt ice.

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For me it’s about convenience

Thu, 2020-02-20 19:57

For me it’s about convenience otherwise I would have to buy the night before etc