Jigging advice

This has probably been done to death so apologies.

Just purchased a Jet-ski and have put a make shift rig on the back. Nothing fancy, just something to get me on the water until I can get a decent one built.

 And now that the bug has truely bitten I want to get some new jigging outfits, and that is something I know zip about.

So need some advice please: (having spent my life land locked)

I have a finnor 5'6" 80lb overhead jigging rod, thought I would match it with the saltia o/h Lever drag 35 or 40?, with 80lb braid (for sambo?), would this work.?

I have a sustain 6000FG (10 kgs drag,) loaded with 30 lb braid. what jigging rod would suit (thought of the Finnor 5'6" 30lb or the Demon blood 6'4" 2/4?). Would I be able to flick soft plastics arround with this?

And then I will have about a $1300 left for a rod, reel and line, (thanx to the tax man) to fill the gap between these two, I don't know spinning reels well (being a surf fishing and O/H guy)

But though of the following:

Jigging rod in the 50lb class (Demon blood, finnor, wilson) matched to either a shimano sustain (10000FG?) or catalina (6500?), is this overkill,

Problem is I can get a good rod and go with the Sustain, or get a cheaper rod and buy the catalina?

Advice would be greatly appreciated as I am preety sure the tax man won't be this nice next year.







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 Ummm, if you're pretty sure

Sat, 2013-06-08 12:12

 Ummm, if you're pretty sure it's been done to death then why not use the search function and see if the answers are there? Lots of threads with info, and then if you can't find the answer someone will be happy to help out.

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If it is just Jigging u want

Sat, 2013-06-08 12:34

If it is just Jigging u want this for. the Catalina is prob not for you.

Although a quality reel .  only a few monor differences to the saltiga.  the Cat is a high speed reel.

In, my opinion the stella 8000PG (2008) would be better suited to you for not much more. ( or even the same..if you can pick one up)..can even buy this with the 10000 spool for same price at some places. 


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 What are you targeting?

Sat, 2013-06-08 13:05

 What are you targeting?


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Sat, 2013-06-08 14:26

thanx guys

actually I am looking for a 3 rod spread that would cover 90 % of the jigging oportunities/species, don't know if its possible (like hunting, you can cover 90% of all hunting senarios with a 3 gun spread)

I am planning to take a few  sambos charter when I get home, the other two are for jigging to a depth of 15-40 metres. At the moment I go to 3 mile reef, gemini wreck and such.

 Oh and Hlokk, I have done a bit of research but have found nothing that answers my particular questions, on reel /rod mix, nor have I found any substancial reviews on these combination and most fishing shops I have chatted to will naturally promote the products they stock.


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 Id go with the saltiga 35ld

Sun, 2013-06-09 07:46

 Id go with the saltiga 35ld for the 80lb setup the 40 is too wide for jigging. But to be honest I cover 90% of my jigging with 1 setup. A stella 5000 and a 90-200gram saltiga rod. I use this rod on charter boats upto 90m depth and there hasnt been anything yet that I have failed to stop. If anything id get a better pe3 class rod and get a lighter setup say 50-150gram and 3000 size reel.

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Thanx Mate

Tue, 2013-06-11 17:32

Thanx Cudbfishn

That actually makes a lot of sense, I'll get the Saltiga as I already have the 80lb job. But I will definetly buy the pe 3 setup. If I take the money I planned to spend on both rods I should be able to get a decent PE3 rod and reel. I may just copy your setup, if thats OK.
 what line class do you put on the reel (is it   30-40lb line)


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 Hey mate.I have a som spool

Wed, 2013-06-12 19:43

 Hey mate.

I have a som spool for my stella 5000 and i get around 280m of pe3(40lb) saltiga boat braid. Rod I have is a saltiga coastal hiramasa 60s-f. Its actually rated 90-210gram and worth around the $700 mark. Got a 16kg dhui on it last monday. If you got the cash the saltiga 4000 looks nicer on the rod as its the same colours and everything. The saltiga 4000 holds a bit more line too.

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thanx folks kit has been ordered

Wed, 2013-06-19 22:54

thanx guys

my kit has been ordered and I'll fetch it when I get home

Rig 1: Finnor 80lbs (old rod) and Talica 12 (2 speed) with 50lb WX8 braid (will upgrade the rod to a JM at a later stage)

Rig 2: Saltiga 64cj and the Catalina 5000h with 30lb WX8 braid

Rig 3 Demon Blood CJ64 and the Sustain 6000 with 20lb braid    


Hopefully that should cover everything

thanx again gents           

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Nice set up mate, good luck.

Thu, 2013-06-20 05:35

Nice set up mate, good luck.

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id love to see you all jigged

Thu, 2013-06-20 08:31

id love to see you all jigged up on the ski mate. good work.


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