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 Hi all,

We recently moved up to Karratha and just got our first boat a month ago. We have been out bottom bashing to Madeline shoals and just past the ship anchor zone but have not had much luck with catching anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can find some spots to check out? Or even what to look for when searching for good ground up here.

Would happily pay in pilbara currency.


Thanks in advance :) 



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 Welcome to Karratha :)What

Sat, 2019-10-26 19:55

 Welcome to Karratha :)

What sort of fish are you chasing. Usually there are plenty of fish at Madeleine shoal but there are twice as many sharks there too.. The patch behind rosemary Island is worth a look as long as you stay out on the edges (30m water) don't go onto the top as it's just full of sharks 

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 Thanks for the reply and

Sat, 2019-10-26 21:02

 Thanks for the reply and advice Feral.


We are chasing anything really as we are new to fishing/boating. Would love to get a hold of some reds but yeah would be stoked to catch anything.

We seen a lot of sharks at Madeline shoals, they were just cruising in the wake of our boat following us wherever we went haha!

Will check out behind rosemary next time we are out.