LB Spinning Rod for Saltist 6500h?

I just grabbed a Daiwa Saltist 6500h and I'm looking to match it to a decent rod for chucking lures from northern platforms. After looking through previous threads I'm thinking the 10' Nitro Rockstar might do the job nicely.

Any thoughts on that? Any alternatives worth looking at?




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 Rockstar for sure. Have

Sun, 2013-04-21 11:07

 Rockstar for sure. Have total confidence in it for LB spinning. 

Another option is the Demon Blood 902, or the NS Black Hole Cabin II.


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 just used the demon blood

Sun, 2013-04-21 22:44

 just used the demon blood 902 with the 4500 model was bloody great was casting well over 100 metres, another guy was using the 6500 and demon blood and was casting slightly further than me

there were at least 8 people using the demon bloods at steep point when i was there seems a popular choice


good mid-priced reels by the way i have landed 9 tuna over 30kg in the last 2 weeks hasnt missed a beat the 4500 holds around 400 metres of 40lb braid so the 6500 should hold shitloads its probably not out of the question that you could balloon with it if you wanted to