Lithium batteries

 Has anyone put lithium batteries in there boat as house batteries.

I currently have 2x 120AH agm deep cycle house batteries and thinking of swapping them out for lithium to reduce weight and gain more usable power the boat is used mainly for island trips and it gets loaded pretty heavily so the weight reduction would be great. 

From the research I have done I think a cylindrical cell lithium would be the way to go.

Anyone have any suggestions.



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 think you should talk it

Mon, 2022-05-23 11:14


think you should talk it over with a battery expert. lithium batteries can be a pain to maintain for longevity, can also be a fire hazard so might have an insurance implication. something else to check up on.

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 For what it is worth, i have

Mon, 2022-05-23 13:05

 For what it is worth, i have just installed one in my car as a 'house' battery for camping. The guys at Offroad Living are very knowledgable. 

Admittadly they dont tinker with stuff that is as wet as a boat as their core business though just as bumpy i should image.

I got 150AH and it made my wallet bleed ($1600) though 94% of that is usable so more capability than 2 x 100 AH lead batteies and half the weight of one.


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I've installed 2x 100AH

Mon, 2022-05-23 16:18

I've installed 2x 100AH Enercore Clear Lithium Batteries as a house solution.

They are charged via a 30a Victron DC/DC charger and 15a Victon Solar Regulator.

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I am a fan of the clear cased

Thu, 2022-05-26 09:49

I am a fan of the clear cased ones if purchasing online. There was a photo doing the rounds of a smaller battery packed with cement into a battery case to match the weight it should have been if legit...



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 We fitted out Gerry Freemans

Tue, 2022-05-24 09:11

 We fitted out Gerry Freemans new boat with 170AH lithium house battery. victron solar MPPT, and Renogy DCDC charger. 


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ATG - Lithium battery wholesaler

Fri, 2022-05-27 08:36

 I put an ATG lithium 120ah in the back of my cruiser, havent had a big run yet but so far so good with small amounts of testing with camp lights & 80ltr engel.


The seller is local in osborne park, great to deal with & from all my research they are a good mid level battery. I believe they use quality cells and BMS, the only thing youll find with other batteries twice the price is a high discharge rate. But being a house battery i think 100-200A continous discharge will be plenty, will only have dramas if your using it to crank.


Al Carr is his name.

All operate from the same shop front in osborne park. Access Antennas/12volt warehouse

Lithium battery wholesaler is his facebook page too for the batteries.


They do victron gear and will bundle stuff together, cheaper than any price i found online for victron gear too.


For the price point it was either ATG or Renogy. Came down to local supplier & support.


Happy to discuss further, i spent a fair while looking into all this stuff over the last 6 months.



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 If any fishos are chasing

Thu, 2022-05-26 21:04

 If any fishos are chasing Lithium with the ability to crank (LCA) have a good look at DCS lithium.

They have an out put of 1000 to 1200 cranking Amps


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 Thanks heaps for all the

Fri, 2022-05-27 17:24

 Thanks heaps for all the info thought I had decided on a brand but they dont have any stock for 4-6 weeks so still researching.