Marine batteries

Gday guys

Just chasing some opinions on the best quality marine batteries.

I recently purchased a century marine pro 730. Had a few months and went to start the boat after not using for two weeks and was weak to kick it over. I dont have it hooked up to a trickle charger but not expecting. Iv rang bcf inquiring and they have said they have pulled the 730 due to poor performance. Anyway what reliabe batteries does everyone else run. Cheers

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 I have a RAC battery in my

Sun, 2018-03-18 16:37

 I have a RAC battery in my boat after rocking up to Woodmans Point flat one day. So far so good, but have Century in both my car and caravan. Again, so far so good.

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im looking at the bosch

Sun, 2018-03-18 17:55

im looking at the bosch marine battery for mine 830 CC marine battery around $170 it will be running on a yamaha  85 2stroke

Voltage: 12v
CCA: 830
Width: 174mm
Length: 330mm
Height: 230mm
Reserve Capacity: 180
Terminals: Twin Marine Style



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 fullriver agm have been

Sun, 2018-03-18 19:03


fullriver agm have been going 3 years and so far so good

i don’t trickle charge ever. Most I do is start the motor for 10 minutes every now and then. 

Kicked it over for first time in 3 months a couple of weeks ago. Battery gauge had both batts at 13v and 13.5v

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 I have the marine pro 780

Tue, 2018-03-20 07:18

 I have the marine pro 780 and no problems at all for me. Though I always charge/top my batteries up the day before I go out or same day. I always have a spare as well and do the same with the spare. I always want my batteries at a 100% capacity before I start leaving nothing to chance. Can't believe how many others just hop in and go.

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 I have 2 Marine Pro 780 s ,

Tue, 2018-03-20 11:09

 I have 2 Marine Pro 780 s , been in the boat for 4 yrs now and still going strong. Had them load tested the other week cause ive been crook and had a spell for 4 mths , all ok. I wouldnt buy anything like a battery from BCF , reckon they would sit on their shelves for to long before selling them.  Buy from  battery shop for peace of mind.


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 I have a Century deep cycle

Tue, 2018-03-20 16:24

 I have a Century deep cycle battery, and it is connected to a 10W solar panel, never had a problem.


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Yeah thanks fellas. I think

Wed, 2018-03-21 20:27

Yeah thanks fellas. I think this marine pro 730 is a dud. Cheers

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Wed, 2018-03-21 21:07

Running seamaster batteries.

Had the boat from new nearly 12 years ago and only changed them out once. No trickle charge or top ups and never started when layed up due to weather or other commitments.

Looking to do it again now not because they are showing any signs of age but just to be safe.

Got to be happy with avergae 6 year life of a battery.

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Another vote for Seamaster.

Thu, 2018-03-22 06:56

Another vote for Seamaster. I've had my boat over 10 years and replaced the original Seamaster batteries with new Seamasters only once in that time.

Still going strong.