Marine sanctuary explanation

 Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can give a simple guideline to where i can boat fish around rotto,

Ive downloaded the guides and studied my chart plotter and i just get confused.

It seems there is nowhere inside the pink dotted line on my charts that is not a sanctuary around the entire island and yet i read that west end for example the sanctuary  marker is only for demersal fishing not trolling for pelagic ??

Seems pointless if you cant access the island reefs if you just wanna pick up some skippy or kgw?

Yes Ive done the search on the site and I understand theres the demersal ban on at the moment, thats not what im talking about.

Just hoping a rotto regular can give me a few rule of thumbs so i dont get into bother with fisheries but would love to pick up a few bread and butter fish when the weather permits...

Not looking for gps spots.




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Marked Sanctuary zones

Tue, 2018-12-04 17:54

The zones are pretty clearly marked (five of them) on the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve Map - located on this page -

They are all no fishing zones except for the one on west end which allows for trolling only for non-demersal species.

On the water they are clearly marked by yellow buoys.  Anywhere else the normal fishing regulations apply.  For example, you can fish for herring, skippy etc just about anywhere (except the sanctuary zones).




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 Cheets mate, 

Tue, 2018-12-04 18:06

 Cheets mate,