Maxel Sealion two speed reels

 Anyone have any experience with these?

Was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Maxel Sea lion two speed reels? Is there any slop in the reel handle like most two speeds? Does the reel come well greased lined and assembled?

I know the Maxel Single Speed ocean max to be great reel and have been considering the two speed.

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 I haven't used them, but

Thu, 2015-02-26 21:05

 I haven't used them, but personally I don't see the need for a two speed unless you are either deep dropping with very heavy weights, or big game fishing.

Just buy the right gear ratio reel to begin with.


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 I already have the one speed

Thu, 2015-02-26 21:26

 I already have the one speed one the Ocean Max/sealion. Great tight reel. Only bought one after feeing a JM and Maxel and they seem to be similar internally and externally except for a few things like placement of clicker. But the two speed will be used for large grouper fishing at oil rigs! Warsaw grouper and black grouper. Kind of like three kings Giant Bass. But with more obstacles because the oil rigs protrude out horizontally at some degree and cut your line second it touches it. Hard fishing...