Moore river report

Hi Guys

spent 4 days up at moore river from new years day.

I mostly fished the 3 mile reef with the other 100 punters but had a blast catching heaps of tailor to 40cm and lots of herring with some bulls going over 30cm!!!!!! and was very hard to get a tailor bait past them.

Nothing too big to report apart froma couple of rays as I couldnt fish long at night due to family commitments, although the tides were perfect

Alot of people were camped up there and enjoying some good conditions but unfortunately some of them left alot of rubbish behind.  On the way back past wilbinga grove and noticed the rest area was also covered with rubbish.  good way to get these places shut off!

no photos sorry



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Wed, 2011-01-05 21:22

Lets hope none of these littering mongrels took any undersize tailor or exceeded their bag limit.Tailor are a precious resource that need protection from lowlifes that have no regard for Western Australian Department of Fisheries regulations.

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The last time I was at Moore

Wed, 2011-01-05 21:24

The last time I was at Moore river was over 20 years ago.  To get to 3 mile do you still take the beach or do you use the track behind the dunes.  That time I borrowed my brothers 4WD and got it bogged on the way there along the beach.  With the tide rising I had no shovel and had to run back to the general store where they handed me a shovel and got me to run back to start digging.  Getting half way back they turned up with their cars and bikes and got me out of trouble.  Needless to say I did no fishing that  day.  My brother had a good indication that the car got bogged.  (If I only knew how to drive a 4wd)



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3 Mile reef

Thu, 2011-01-06 05:32

Michael The easiest way is still to take the beach but this is not alwasy possible due to beach conditions and if its high tide you wont get through.  The back tracks are still there but have a steep exit off the beach that would test some 4wd's.  the high track on the beach had a 2m drop off that was looking more treacherous every day but people kept driving on it.  I would hate to see it colapse witha car on it guaranteed rollover.

Yes Johnray i did see a few of those mongrels you speak of, but there were plenty of people doing the right thing.  a guy at work yesterday showed me photos his mate sent him of 5 duhies they caught on 1 boat.................... all I can say is I hope they get caught 1 day