Nauti Craft Boat you tube

 Seen this craft on you tube, interesting concept. My first thoughts were that all turning exercises were done on calm water.


Tom M

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Rough Seas

Tue, 2017-03-14 11:27

 Has been out for a while and I think most of the fottage was taken down of Bussleton/Dunsborough.

Would like to see how it handles in 3 mts swells and 2 mtr seas we get of Perth when the seabreeze is in. 

It's like testing boat on the river and finding it is ok and then take it out to sea and finding it's crap.


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 Wow! Thx Tom!What an awesome

Tue, 2017-03-14 14:39

 Wow! Thx Tom!

What an awesome concept!

Loved the quadmaran or whatever it was called. Reminded me of the mars rover on water!

Great to see some innovation in boating. Way overdue!

Not sure how suspension and salt water mix though? 

Also they may need to rig up extendable fishing platforms or something. Seems too high and too likely you'll foul your line on something down below.

As a fun passenger cruising boat though real potential.

One thing for sure... gunna be expaaaaansive!!