need some help landbased

hey guys,


need some help regarding fishing with the winds from landbesed trying to get used to fishing the wind directions and which times are best to go out on...i know east winds are ideal,but we rarely get them haha..south west and south winds,how do you guys reckon what they are like for you? fishing from quinns but its quite open.whats the best conditions for hillarys if i was fishing from the north side and south?

any other suggestions will be a big help

thanks guys

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i was told

Sun, 2010-12-05 12:05

south west winds = tailor.


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they say early morning

Sun, 2010-12-05 12:12

they say early morning sunrise and evening sunset for the better fish, strong easterly's i have been told are no good, i suppose beause that wind pushes the fish out further??? south , south wester, and north wester ar meant to be fine, im no pro fisherman myself, you always catch whiting and herring on whatever weather ive found.