New 9 or 10weight combo

hey everyone

looking at getting a new  9 or 10 weight fly combo. Want it for salmon, kingies and other pelagics in the boat off perth and tuna, Mackies, trevs, queenies and Barra up north. Any opinions on what to get? Been looking at the TFO BVK 9weight. Anyone used it? And any suggestions on a reel and line?


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Sun, 2015-09-06 15:15

How much are you looking at spending mate?

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About 7-800

Mon, 2015-09-07 11:16

about 7-800 

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Wed, 2015-09-09 03:40

There are a few forums out there for fly fishing mate. WA has Saltwater Fly Rodders and the there is Flylife forums. Jump on those and check the classified sections. There is always some quality gear on there and if you put up what you are looking for some guys are always looking to unload some gear. Sponsors on those sites are also happy to help set you up if you ask what you intend to do and your budget. If you could save up to the $1000 mark that will get you a nice combo with what you are looking for. It is a deadly trap this fly fishing though. Good luck......

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I have the TFO BVK 10 weight

Sat, 2015-09-12 09:40

I have the TFO BVK 10 weight rod and size IV reel.  Bloody nice rod for the price compared to others and very nice to cast.  Fits your budget well.

- I'd tend to go the #10 for the kingies as you'll want some lifting grunt.  #9 would likely handle the others but be a bit light for kings (depending on size).  #10 would also handle wind a bit better too which can be a factor.

I'm about to also grab the TFO Bluewater series #10-12 for the kingies and tuna here in SA hoping to get a 30kg fin on it this summer will need the extra grunt for that.


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