O/H reel - Penn Squall Lever Drag

hey folks,


Just wondering if anyone has one of these Penn squall lever drags? its the 60ld but in left hand which draws me to it as i like reeling in with my leftie,

have a torium30  at the moment , but needs respooling. 

i sort of generalise my gear as i dont fish often enough to buy set combo's for balooning etc, but was wondering how much 50lb braid anyone has loaded on to the reel if they have one.

If i can get 600m on i would be happy.

this is the spec for  the reel ....

id use it for casting/slide baiting or if the wind is right balooning, just cant justify buying different reels for each different type of fishing as i dont fish often enough.

60LD Left Hand   50lb/370yds   4.3-1   15kg 

but i assume thats for mono?



cheers for any input

oh and it would be matched to a catana


cheers tony

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 You will get 600m of 50lb

Tue, 2013-03-05 20:37

 You will get 600m of 50lb braid. 

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cheers flangies

Wed, 2013-03-06 09:09

cheers flangies