Outboard for quinny explorer 370 outback

 Crew... Fairly sure I'll lock in a 370 outback explorer to throw on the roof of the ute ( yes Ranmar it's happened we've bought a van )...


Now wondering what to power it with.  If I got the 390 I probably would've got the twin carb 25 yam 2 stroke but as the max power rating is 20hp I'm now unsure of what to throw on the back? 



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 We have a 20hp yammy on our

Thu, 2018-04-05 15:22

 We have a 20hp yammy on our little 3.8 stacer, hasn’t missed a beat and powers us along nicely.

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 I’ve got a 2013 yammy 2

Thu, 2018-04-05 18:22

 I’ve got a 2013 yammy 2 bangs with tank with about 40 odd hours on it if your interested. It# good for pushing two blokes around with a carton, esky and a bit of fishing gear. 


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How many horses Ezi? Anyone

Thu, 2018-04-05 23:36

How many horses Ezi?


Anyone here got an Explorer? 

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Thu, 2018-04-05 23:51



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Are the 20 and the 25 the

Fri, 2018-04-06 12:50

Are the 20 and the 25 the same model i.e same size and weight etc?


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Mercury 15hp USA Model

Fri, 2018-04-06 16:44

I had one and I reckon that the american mercury 15hp model is the go.  never had any issues with it

gearshift is on the tiller - very very handy - it's also the best way to tell the difference between the USA model and the Jap model

weight is still low; makes for easier installation pre-and-post-usage


I think Mariner has a carbon-copy (badge engineered) model available





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I have the yank merc 15 on my

Sat, 2018-04-07 07:05

I have the yank merc 15 on my tinny (Mako 375 topper tracker) and love the tiller gear change, great for trolling and backing up as soon as snagged. Only downside is the 50 to 1 oil ratio. have owned a 370 Explorer with a 15 yami and would recommend this combo as the yami is a good engine with 100 to 1 oil ratio so nowhere near the fumes of a merc and pushes the explorer along easily. I am considering a Suzuki 15 hp 4 stroke at the moment for my portable motor as their weight is not much more than the 2 strokes and are cleaner and quieter running and eliminate pissing about with mixing.

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 Bill why did you not roof

Sat, 2018-04-07 14:14

 Bill why did you not roof top the Explorer and how do you compare the two tinnys?


Anyone else had an Explorer or can compare to another similar sorta boat....


I really dont care too much how it goes in flat water, i want to know if its a good boat in the ocean ideally if anyone can help...


Cheers in advance

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Was going to take the

Sun, 2018-04-08 07:58

Was going to take the explorer on top of a camper trailer when we travelled oz but the boat loader on the trailer was a piece of shit so at last minute decided not to take the explorer. It got sold as we decided to keep travelling longer than planned so hence buying the Makocraft once we had the cruiser set up.
Comparing the two boats there is not much in it. both handle chop pretty well. I reckon the Mako more stable to move around on at rest even when choppy. My mate has just bought a seajay 375 hs(high side) that is pretty impressive with regards to stability but is a bit heavier, but his cbl handles it easily. It is a beamier boat than both the others and just fitted the boat loader standard width. If I was in the market for a new tub this one would get a serious look, they are suited to a long leg outboard. He got it from a Bunbury dealer.

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 I bought the Merc 15 Yank

Sun, 2018-04-08 08:22

 I bought the Merc 15 Yank model with tiller shift. I can recommend it. The boat business was about $300 cheaper than the rest...


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As far as I am aware the yank

Sun, 2018-04-08 09:31

As far as I am aware the yank 15 if not built anymore due to pollution regulations. If only someone would make a fourstroke with that tiller on it us barra fishos would be lining up to get them.

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I had the Suzuki 4 Stroke

Sun, 2018-04-08 18:54

I had the Suzuki 4 Stroke 15hp on my 370. It went like stink and barely used a coke can full of fuel for afternoon trawling.

down side it was pretty heavy for 1 (awkward 42kg I think) and could only be lied down on one side otherwise it leaked oil.

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Quintrex Dart with 15hp johno

Sun, 2018-04-08 20:49

When we travelled around we had a 375 Quintrex dart powered by a 15 hp 2 stroke Johnston and that combo did everything that was asked of it. On water speed was very good, fuel consumption was excellent and with the high sides and full height transom we always felt comfortable be in in the open ocean, estuary or tight rivers in the top end.

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Bill did you have the

Mon, 2018-04-09 14:36

Bill did you have the explorer outback or just the explorer?


The outback 370 has nearly the same beam as the 390 explorer...


The Sea Jay sounds good, i'm pretty quinny bias in dingis but of course common sense still has to prevail...


A good tinny should last twenty plus years...



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Hi Boon Just the

Mon, 2018-04-09 15:32

Hi Boon
Just the Explorer.
Having been in the three boats I mentioned my next one will be the Seajay. It is the best riding and handling one of them. They are reasonably priced for what you get. I also liked the quinnies and have had a couple that we put full decks in but too heavy for rooftopping, now just throw in the non skid mat you buy for annex floors too keep weight down works a treat.

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Brooker 370 Car Topper

Mon, 2018-04-09 23:42

 After doing loads of research on all the different brands, brother down Busso way got the Brooker I think 370 and a Yammi 15hp with great fold up trailer that has suspension. That small Brooker is rated to 20hp which is more than most, very deep and still light. Great package, but  bought seperately - boat from Dinghy World, trailer is online somewhere (cant remember the brand) and Yammi from Bosun in Dunsborough. Think its a great alround package but he wants something a bit bigger now for permanent use as travels are over. Reckon few years old and 20hrs use at most. 

There would be plenty of these similar package types out there too as it is a niche boat for travel, then people want something else after the lap - maybe near new 2nd hand could be the go to save some coin? 





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did you buy a tub Boon?

Wed, 2018-05-09 16:53

did you buy a tub Boon?

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 We use a 370 stacer proline

Fri, 2018-05-11 07:46

 We use a 370 stacer proline and run a 15hp suzuki 4 stroke on it. Always find it needing that little bit more.

Its ok in flat water with just 2 blokes in it. but add the esky and fishing gear for day out and its a struggle to get up on plane.


Possibly be a different story with a 15 2stroke but.

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 The 390 Stacer my sister has

Fri, 2018-05-11 08:02

 The 390 Stacer my sister has gets along nicely with a 15hp Merc 2 stroke. Feels quick with two blokes and planes easily enough with 3 100+kg blokes in it. Tohatsu had some very good deals on not long ago and I'm pretty sure it's the same engine. 



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 Not yet Bill,  got a trip to

Fri, 2018-05-11 18:04

 Not yet Bill,  got a trip to Yardie coming up.  Taking the bigger boat for that one but come July I'll need the roof topper.  Plus only been home a week in the last 7.