Pinaroo Point

Managed to get down to Pinaroo at about 5 this evening with 2 kids in toe so they could have a swim. With the wind still blowing quite strong so I as expecting to see heaps of weed coming in with the tide Cry .....................

Lo and behold, NO WEED !!! Surprised. With my luck still holding true, no fish either. But I don't really care, the kids had a nice play in the water and I didn't get frustrated with the weed. Maybe next time my luck will change and I will catch my first something, hopefully not a kiter or sail boarder Laughing.


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good to hear no weed,

Sun, 2009-11-29 20:06

good to hear no weed, finally a bonus, now to get some tailor there of an evening


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Thanks very much for the heads up esrun

Sun, 2009-11-29 20:49

The tailor normally come on the bite there just before sunset and then quite often about 1/2 an hour to hour after the sun has set.


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At least you are out there

Sun, 2009-11-29 20:50

At least you are out there having a go, and everything is good when the kids are having fun tooSmile


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