Point Samson (wickham) advice needed


Normally landbased in the swan so i have no problem with rigs, bait etc for targetting bream.

Have got 3 days at point samson coming up mid jan (no wife, no kids.......)

have done a little bit of googling and apparently I am looking at predominantly getting into some Mangrove jacks.  I am taking the same rod I use for bream (2-4kg I think) and will probably swap out the 3lb fireline for 10lb and use a heavier trace (maybe 20lb).  Does this sound right?

Will probably start around the rock bridge at the mouth of the river.  Has anyone been there?  Can you walk along the shore up and down a bit (as per the red lines on the map) or am I restricted to near the road?  Any other spots worth looking at?

Any advice in regards to targetting some of these or any other fish that I can expect to get at go at would be greatly appreciated....


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The bridge is the spot on

Wed, 2011-11-23 17:06

The bridge is the spot on tide change, It goes off there!

Also Cossack of the pier/jetty in front of the old buildings is a great way to wet a line.

Turtels and sharks do a regular run there.

The cossack lookout and the beaches in front are a great spot and so is the mouth of the river close to the pub.

And the harbour is another good spot with lighting at night!

Do not forget the flyspray and mossy/sandfly cream/long pants with lackey bands and whatever you need not to be bitten by these critters!

They are a complete pest!

Fishing there goes of the richter scale on tide changes, enjoY!




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Popes nose is worth a shot if

Wed, 2011-11-23 19:27

Popes nose is worth a shot if you have a 4wd so is Johns creek if the bridge is too crowded

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Johns creek on low tide

Thu, 2011-11-24 07:32

Johns creek on low tide walking the banks towards the ocean is always worth a cast, incoming tide if you can time it right but obviously be careful. the rocks from honeymoon cove around to the boat ramp with poppers and slices will turn up queenies and small trevs, the rock wall at the boat harbour could show up some jacks maybe, also the coast from the cossack boat ramp up to the point is worth a look, all the other spoits here it's best to hit on the incoming high tide.

15lb minimum would be my go for braid and a 40lb leader, don't want you losing that prize fish mate, i'm a 20lb braid man myself in the creeks and the coast.


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